Tuesday Movie Outing

Tuesday is cheap movie day. For $7.50 I can rationalize an outing for myself even with the budget that I am on. Plus there’s something joyful about doing stuff while everyone else is stuck at their job.

My first choice was Revenant but the electronic display indicated it was almost sold out. I don’t like congested theatres. From a process of elimination I ended up choosing The Big Short starring a handful of A to B list actors. The movie is based on true events and real life characters from the 2008 recession.

I give the movie thumbs up and also liked some of the quotes.

“Truth is like poetry. And most people fucking hate poetry.”

If you based your reality through WordPress you would think poetry is well loved. It was never my thing although I do try to be poetic at times.

“Everyone, deep in their hearts, is waiting for the end of the world to come.”
Haruki Murakami

In a way I can agree with this quote but I don’t know if I’m understanding it for what he really meant by it. The end of the world would be the most exciting event ever? Living life is a pain in the ass? I suppose many religions are hoping for the world to end so that they can start living the life they really want.

The movie theatre complex was busier than I expected. Don’t these fuckers have jobs to go to? I didn’t come here to be surrounded by people. At the very end of the film, I felt as if it was giving the impression that another economic crisis is looming.

It was a bit of a gloom and doom movie with comedy relief. Driving home, the podcast I was listening to added more gloom and doom to my day. They were discussing the not so orgasmic outcomes if we continue on our path of oil and water consumption and destruction.

I liked the movie but I’m not recommending it for full price. I’m not saying I don’t recommend it either. You might be bored as nails at home and have nothing better to do. I’m rambling because I’m trying to find a more clever way of ending this post. I give up.

The End



2 comments on “Tuesday Movie Outing

  1. When I was unemployed going to films in the middle of the day was my favorite thing to do. In fact I took the day off and was debating on whether or not to go to my local cinema. You have swayed me to go.


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