Performance Enhancing Writing Substances


Your mood will dictate the birth and outcome of your creations and can greatly enhance or diminish them. Many great songs have been said to be written while under the influence of heroin. I’m sure a lot of shitty songs were as well. Stephen King said that smoking cigarettes greatly benefited his writing but I suppose if you are addicted to a substance, it would be difficult to operate well without them.

After a few years of blogging, I have a pretty good idea on when I am writing at my best or at least when I feel like I am. On your side of the screen you are mostly oblivious to if I was drunk, sober, high, depressed or wearing a dress when I wrote a post.

If I were to give up on life outside of the internet, I would dedicate my life to writing while mostly under the influence of a drug and alcohol lifestyle…a routine similar to Hunter S. Thompson’s but only a fraction of its extreme. I’d die in half a year if I did what he reportedly did.

When I am writing under the influence of my substances of choice, I feel as if I am cheating. I’m possibly on an anabolic writing steroid that opens up neuro pathways that may not be possible otherwise. I can’t say for sure that I write better while in this other dimension but it definitely improves my motivation to write. I enjoy it so much that I get high almost for the sole purpose to write.

There are substances that I feel take away from my writing such as marijuana and caffeine but being one who looks for stimulation especially when there is not much of a consequence involved, I often write while on a caffeine high. It’s not like my livelihood depends on my blog posts.

Getting high is more of a seasonal thing for me and I haven’t drank any alcohol for a while now. I’ve been writing while under the influence of immense spare time and new adventures.




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