Good Old Feelings



Most of the posts on this blog have been typed while sitting on my bed, laying on my bed or on a loveseat with a keyboard on my lap. I’m glad to be doing this now behind a desk in a more ergonomic fashion.

The rotary phone on the desk is not connected to a landline which qualifies it strictly a decorative piece. Well, mostly anyway. I like to turn the dial just for kicks.

In recent months I have taken interest in acquiring and modeling a retro themed life, not so much for aesthetics but for comfort. I mostly hated the rotary phone when I was growing up and never thought of them again until recently.

I suspect that my attachment to this era is derived from the mindset I had during that time. It was a time when I felt life was good even though from the outside looking in, it wasn’t. Thank goodness for childhood oblivion.

A good portion of my childhood was spent in my room listening to the radio. Top 40 stations and hockey games were what I mostly tuned into but there would be many moments when I would turn the dial trying to pick up some faint signal just to see if I could.


As a surprise to me, a couple of weeks ago I was laying in bed with the above radio turned on and it took me back to that place. I felt a feeling of comfort come over me and wondered if there was a connection or if it was me just wanting to be dramatic. Either way the radio looks good where it is.


Over a decade ago I ventured into a photography hobby that started with old manual film cameras. At that time one could still justify its use as digital SLRs were still very expensive. I rocked a manual film camera with 3 lenses, screw-on filters and a tripod everywhere. Like writing, photography is an activity of solitude. While you’re trekking the streets alone, you spend so much time in your head pondering and calculating.

Today, film cameras probably have less pragmatic use than the rotary telephone. It’s a museum piece now but I get good feelings from just staring at it and from hearing the sound of the shutter fire. There were so many adventures that the camera and I went on. I can’t recall a single bad memory with it.

I hope I never get nostalgic for when I wore diapers.



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