Who needs a woman when you can have 7

Today I chauffeured my mother to a strip mall where they have a big boxed discount store. The prices aren’t anything to die for but if you’re a professional consumer especially for household goods then you’ll be tempted to at least look around.


Ooooh, I thought this kettle was rather posh. $29.99.


Perhaps not as elegant but the weight distribution of the one on the left would be important if you were into professional kettle sports. $59.99.

I think kettles are mostly for old people and Brits. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been at someone’s home and heard kettle whistling. The kettles caught my eye because I’ve been watching BBC shows and kettles guest star in some of the episodes. They “put a kettle on.” Or was it “put on a kettle?” I’d buy a kettle just so I could use those lines. They’re so much more classy than, “boil some water.”


For $19.99 you can be a proud owner of some cheese knives for all your cheese adventures. Again, much prettier than your average knife but if any guest in my home complained about how their cheese was cut I’d kick them out. Serrated steak knives have never let me down in any situation. But if you’re a cheese connoisseur then I guess you need the right tools.

I could see myself buying some of this stuff if I had too much money or if I had people coming over all the time to praise me for my specialty kitchen tools. Otherwise, I will continue using my 5 in 1 knife.

But that kettle would be a great decorative piece on the stove.






8 comments on “Consumerism

  1. cctyker says:

    If you had a kettle, you could say you have a rather elegant pot to piss in.

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  2. You’re such a good son to take your mother!!! Also I tend to like to have knives of all sorts just laying around for all my knife needs.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I bought a knife set in one of those wooden blocks a few years ago and have only used a couple of them. The pearing knife seemed like a neat idea but it didn’t work out.


  3. Yes, in these rainy cold climates even just the thought of “putting the kettle on” is enough to make you happier 🙂 I’m from Bulgaria where we drink herbal teas you pick up from your garden, and the putting of milk in your tea is a sacrilege! But after 8 years in Ireland, I just looove a “cuppa” . Especially on a dark day, tucked on the couch, and only from a plastic electric kettle.. Nothing better..


    • MrJohnson says:

      I could see how putting a kettle on could bring a good feeling if you grew up using one your entire life….it takes you to a pleasant place. I didn’t know the Irish were coffee drinkers. I like tea and coffee but I think coffee is more of a party in your mouth. I find that coffee made with a french press is noticeably better than other methods.

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  4. amy says:

    It’s put a kettle on. You can also call a tea a ‘brew’ – which is commonly used in North England. What do americans sit around and drink coffee>?


    • MrJohnson says:

      I was hoping someone would chime in and educate me. Hmmm…I think North Americans sit around, stand, walk, work and do everything else with a coffee. It’s coffee madness everywhere. Tea or coffee with sweetened condensed milk as sugar is great.


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