Potential Comedy Skit

Two days out of the week I’m at a supermarket with other volunteers shopping for old people. The seniors call the volunteer office and put in an order for grocery items which then get picked up and delivered by volunteers.

I’ve mentioned before that there are mentally challenged people volunteering as well. Most of them require the assistance of another person but there’s one guy who is high functioning that goes at it alone.

Passing by each other in the aisles sparked my imagination that this could make for a comedy skit where the mentally challenged person and I are in competition with each other. The supposed fully competent person(me) lags behind and ends up cheating just to look superior to him. In the end, my antics catch up with me and I’m viewed as a despicable human being. It sounds like an episode out of Seinfeld where Kramer or George play my character. I have a feeling someone is going to say, “it is an episode from Seinfeld.”

The truth is, I think the high functioning mentally challenged guy is faster than me. He’s been doing it for a few years and knows his way around the place. I ask him for help sometimes.


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