Disrespecting a Buddhist Temple


There’s actually 3 Buddhist temples in my area and all of them are impressive. I haven’t explored the third one yet but I think this one may take the grand prize.


The one below talks about the origins of the original Buddha. He’s like the Asian version of Jesus.


I saw the sign afterwards that said no photography of the Buddha statues allowed. I think someone just made up that rule along the way rather than it being a sacred policy.


The guy on the horse is supposed to be God of Guan(Kwan). You may or may not have seen statues of him. He may or may not have been real but even if he was I’m sure he didn’t look that badass. No one looks that badass.

20151221_132436_resized_1 (1)

20151221_132445_resized_1 (1)20151221_132609_resized_1 (1)

Ya, I guess I can see how people would just jump on this thing. That’s a fierce looking deer. I would not go out looking to hunt these. It looks like they might breathe fire.


I don’t know who these guys are but I’m sure they got all the bitches in their time.


I wish this was my house. I would get all the bitches. Inside those doors are where the big guys stay.

20151221_132539_resized_1 (2)

I didn’t have the balls to take a picture of the inside but I guess someone else did or there was an exception to the rule that day. My jaw dropped when I was in there. Looking at this scene took my breath away. This picture doesn’t do it much justice.

This area and many others are open for the public to pray to the Buddhas. I’m not sure that praying to man-made statues does anything but if it makes you feel better then mission accomplished. It would be disrespectful if I jumped on the Buddha and sat on his lap but it would also be funny. Maybe? No? Okay.


Excuse the blurry photography. I felt criminal and rushed some of the shots. I really hope there’s no curse set upon me. I wouldn’t want to fuck with this guy either.


I guess that’s it for now. Thank you for tuning in for another episode of Buddhist Cribs. You can check out the first one by clicking the link below.

First Buddhist Temple


2 comments on “Disrespecting a Buddhist Temple

  1. I love your photos. Some of those statues look like they’re about to cut a bitch


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