I Might be an Asshole

At McDonald’s right now waiting for the verdict of my vehicle’s repair. I have nothing much to do so I am offering all of you to suffer with me. Misery loves company.

I am surrounded by old Asian men, high school students and poor people…a good indication of a low class neighbourhood. This is the area where I used to deliver parcels actually. The early AM hours are when the real crazies come out.

It sucks to drive out here to get my car fixed but I had set up some roots from living near here for so long. My mechanic is a childhood classmate and I have good confidence that he won’t ever intentionally rip me off. When I think back about the times when people ripped me off I want to kick them in the balls. I don’t want anymore of those thoughts. I feel like a mentally challenged person trying to make a post with this phone.

I think I ripped off my old landlord a couple days ago. He gave me back $600 for my damage deposit but I am pretty sure I only gave him $300. It was 6 years ago so I can’t say for sure. I can justify my actions but I can’t properly justify them but I am not planning to give him back $300.

Here is how I am making myself feel better for taking the supposed extra money…

Since I moved in, his property value has gone from $800,000 to $1,200,000. I was a good tenant so I deserve the extra money. My rent money funded his new Mercedes Benz. He gave me access to a washer but no dryer. I showered less during the winter months. I am a bastard child…the world owes me.

I guess the main reason is that I am not 100% sure how much was owed to me. If he was poor or just making it then I would have convinced him it was $300.

All of these reasons except maybe the main one are all shitty reasons. I know many people would have done the same as I did but I always thought I was better than that.

Hoping that my mechanic does not provide the karma that is going to catch up with me.


12 comments on “I Might be an Asshole

  1. Last summer my landlord gave me a random $200 credit on my rent when I am 100% certain I’ve never overpaid, and I decided to ask why….the girl at the desk said she didn’t know, maybe “It was a gift from god”…..I didn’t really want to get into a religious discussion so I just took it.


  2. I’d go with, it’s an early Xmas gift!! Karma clear~~love always, CrazyTown


  3. cctyker says:

    Reading this, the thought came to me I would split the $300 in question: fifteen thousand pennies for him, fifteen thousand for me.


  4. kalyrical says:

    I think it’s alright. I mean, firstly, you can’t quite remember whether you gave only $300. And plus, if money was a huge thing for him, he’d probably be more careful. So your win is probably more of a win than it was a loss for him to have suffered? I dunno, in life, you win a little here, lose a little there. Doesn’t mean you’re bad 🙂


  5. HappyApathy says:

    Well, the universe always gets even. There will be more than $300 worth of chunks tooken out of your butt. . . or there already have been


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