Accidentally Environmentally Friendly


For the last couple months I have been cutting down drastically on my meat consumption for health, laziness and economic reasons. It’s not that I believe eating meat is unhealthy, I just believe I’ve chosen a healthier route by not choosing meaty meals.

I drink/eat soups every day at home made from pork neck bones which have very little meat. $5 worth makes 2 pots of soup that lasts 6 days. They are hearty soups so don’t you worry you mothers out there. I load them up with carrots, broccoli and other greens and throw a can of pre-cooked beans to compensate for the lack of protein that the skimpy bones provide. To fill in the hunger gap I’ll add a bit of rice.

I believe in eating meat but I also believe we could and maybe even should eat less of it. The vegans can preach all they want but a piece of meat can take care of a number of nutritional needs that would require you to find from multiple sources if you were meat-free.

In this video I ghetto blend a smoothie made from an orange, apple, avocado and banana. Usually I would put in some hemp protein powder but I forgot because I’m probably in the early stages of dementia.



3 comments on “Accidentally Environmentally Friendly

  1. Wanda says:

    Have you ever heard of the Thug Kitchen? They have the best cookbooks and they are all vegan recipes. Plus, they’re hilarious to read. Great recipes and great laughs. You can check them out on Facebook first, or look up their cookbook on Amazon.


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