Grasslands and Buddhist Temple


This new area I live in is abundant in farmland and empty grass fields. I’m not sure what exactly is grown but when I found out I’ll let you know. I know there’s a cranberry harvest somewhere near here.

Today has been the first day in a while that it hasn’t been pissing rain so I took advantage of it and walked around a bit. There’s a Buddhist Temple not too far from here. There’s also a handful of other temples and religious meeting places near by as well.

A Buddhist Temple is very welcoming because it makes you think of tranquility and peace. It’s my go to place when I don’t want to think about murder or masturbation. They probably have the monks cleaning this place all day because it’s a supremely well kept place. This will be my first destination when I’m homeless. They can’t kick me out because I’m a sentient being, right? Something like that?

The area with the 3 huge Buddhas is where the party is at when there is one. By party, I mean bowing and chanting ceremonies. I’m probably brutalizing the terms. Whether you’re a Buddhist or not there can be a great appreciation for the architecture and statues.

I wish I had taken a picture of the sign that tells you what is prohibited in the building. They had a drawing of a male and female wearing skimpy clothing with an X over them. It was basically saying “no sluts allowed.” I’m not sure what the derogatory term is for a male slut. I guess they don’t want their monks walking around with boners under their robes.

The chanting in the video is coming from a speaker behind me of a live chant session in the room that houses the 3 Big Kahunas.





3 comments on “Grasslands and Buddhist Temple

  1. HappyApathy says:

    That place is beautiful . That’d be my go to place too.


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