Charitable Harrassment



Photo from the Walk of the Day

Amnesty International approached me on the street today. Stop or keep walking? I have all the time in the world, some curiosity and a dash of sympathy so I thought I’d hear him out. At the end of it he wanted me to sign up to donate money every month. I told him I would look into it more when I get home. It was almost good enough for him to give me his blessing to release me but not quite. I let him know that his time wasn’t a waste because if I hadn’t spoken with him, there would be no chance of this entering my consciousness.

That was good enough for him but his partner had to jump in to stop me. They were like Jehovah Witnesses in that when they see a small glimmer of hope that they have a potential recruit they will pull out the big guns. “Jordan” was a young white blonde haired woman who had a semi-homeless look going on. I think some call it Bohemian. She wanted my money and she wanted it right there.

If you walk away now the statistics are you won’t follow through.

Why not sign up now? If you wait that could mean another life we don’t save.

What’s stopping you from signing up now? You can sign up now and if you decide later it’s not what you want you can cancel.

I’m pretty sure she was getting frustrated with me because the way she saw it was, that there was no good reason for me not to sign up right there if I believed in human rights.

My skin is quite thick these days so at times I wasn’t sure if she was trying to offend me or if she was also offended by me. I let her know that I wasn’t going to make a decision there but it was a good speech she gave and then she replied in a distasteful manner…

Obviously it wasn’t good enough because I couldn’t get you to sign up.

When she finally decided to give up, the other guy apologized on her behalf. He stood there silent the whole time and probably felt sorry for me.

I hope you’re not offended. She’s very passionate about this.

I didn’t time the whole encounter but it was long enough for my coffee to go from very warm to cold.

As I was walking home it made me realize that being passionate can be another way of saying you are crazy. You’re so obsessed with your beliefs that if someone doesn’t believe what you believe, you condemn them to a lower grade of a human.


I wish I had thought of just telling them an honest truth, that I’m unemployed. To completely avoid such an encounter next time I will use my ethnicity to my advantage and say…

I don’t know English. 


I said, I don’t fucking know English.


5 comments on “Charitable Harrassment

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  2. I guess you can apply zeal to all kinds of things, but always best to start any kind of world improvement with yourself rather than coaxing or pushing others. Not a great way to promote A’s values, unless of course this reflects the ethics of their upper management.


  3. Jenna says:

    Passionate is fine, taken to that level is offensive.


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