Mondays aren’t so Bad

In the oven right now is a Frankenstein frozen pizza. Nine times out of ten, one is at least somewhat dissatisfied with the lack of toppings on their pizza. Scared of disappointment, I went to buy some mushrooms but apparently there is a mushroom famine going on because the fresh ones were non-existent. I had to settle for canned variety.


The end product never looks as good as the cover and this pizza doesn’t even look that good

A frozen pizza brand named “Giuseppe Pizzeria” is as stereotypical as a Chinese restaurant named “Wong’s Wok” or some truck stop diner named “Al’s Grill.”

I should have taken a picture to show you the amount of mushrooms I dumped onto there but I forgot. I ruined this post. But I assure you there’s lots but unfortunately they are made in China. No wonder why they were so inexpensive. I hate putting stuff in my mouth that’s made in China(if you want a scare go look up ‘gutter oil in China.’ I had some leftover cheese so I just grated it on there.


The oven “dinged” as I was writing this post. This is blogging in real time. Almost like updating a Facebook status. You want to know what I’m doing when I’m doing it, right?


It looks okay. I’m sure it will give me diarrhea tomorrow. I’m hoping not to be a loser by eating the whole thing.


It’s dinner time. I’ll let you know how it goes.

This is Mr. Johnson reporting live from the pizzeria dungeon. For a total of $7 Canadian dollars the Frankenstein pizza was a success. The added mushrooms were vital in making it alive. I only ate a quarter of the pizza for now because I believe in spreading portions when consuming unhealthy disasters.

Before I decided to create pizza I was picking up a photo from a Craigslist ad. For the past little while I had been wanting one of these. It might not be my ideal format but for $25 I’m satisfied.


I don’t think any of these guys would be considered a wuss. They would have some pretty good, “back in my day” stories.

This whole Monday was about me spending money. The first half of the day I was buying Wayne Gretzky cards off of eBay. The amount I spent on shiny little pieces of cardboard is a little embarrassing. I’m finding it easier to spend money now that I’m unemployed. I know, it sounds like backwards thinking. When I was working I associated spending money with pain and suffering. Perhaps my wounds are healing. Or maybe I’m an idiot destined for cardboard box living and $1 pizzas.



10 comments on “Mondays aren’t so Bad

  1. eths says:

    let me know about the diarrhea


  2. OD.NiCOLE says:

    ME. Rice, Beans, Water.


  3. Jatinder says:

    NoFrills has some frozen pizza for $3.00. Surprisingly they are decent. I do the same also and add some extra toppings and cheese to beef it up!


  4. lisafab says:

    This post was surprisingly entertaining…


  5. Jatinder says:

    Also look into Ziggy’s refrigerated pasta. They sell these for $5.99 at Superstore however NoFrill has the Beef Tortellini Pastas (One will question if any real beef is present) for $2.00. The Ziggy premade Sauce is also cheaper.

    You will find a number of items at NoFrills usually quite a bit cheaper than what you will find at Superstore. Their fresh produce is the same quality and price though.


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