2016 Hobolympics


There’s rice under there

If such games existed it would be the opposite of a typical Olympics. The games would not exist to showcase talent, power and the fastest speeds but instead the length of suffering an individual can endure. The 100 meter dash would begin after a 10 day famine.

I’m in training for the 2016 Hobolympics hoping to capture top spot on the podium which will garner me with the satisfaction of low expense numbers for the year.

The photo above is a variation of what I have been eating for the last month for almost every meal. When I’m not having this it’s because I’m in the intermission stages of having prepared soup in the pot. I knew I had arrived when I added beans to the mixture.

Another one of the Hobolympic games would be to see how many days the participants can eat the same unattractive meal while having an executive chef available 24 hours a day to cook them whatever they please. First one to call on the chef loses. This is the event I’m in training for.

I realize long bouts of stationary suffering may not be as exciting as momentary superhuman bursts of power but I hope you will tune in and cheer for me.




5 comments on “2016 Hobolympics

  1. Mr.Johnsons' Cousin says:

    I would totally watch that if you were in a competition with others.


  2. Wanda says:

    When I was in college, I worked three part time jobs and went to school full time. I was still broke because I had to pay for my car, car insurance, etc…I was nineteen years old. Quarter beer night at a local bar called The Cellar was my best friend. (My fake ID was my best friend too!) Anyway, I ate tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches almost every day because it was what I could afford. I remember how I would go into the grocery store with my calculator because I only had $40 to spend on food, and I would calculate the cost and tax as I went along because I never wanted to go over what I had and be embarrassed to put something back. Ahhh, good times. 😉


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