Sunday Night Adventures and Thoughts

On the agenda tonight is drinking wine and organizing my hockey cards with my shirt off while listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast. I’m becoming a badass alcoholic nerd. There’s a person advertising on Craigslist selling a Blu-ray disc that I would like to pick up but I don’t want to drive right now. I’m thinking of telling him that I’m physically disabled so that he might deliver it to me.

I’m the type of guy who can’t have the temptations at arm’s length otherwise I will give in. Have me make a phone call or step out of my warm cozy home to fulfill my sinful desires and I’ll choose the route of inaction. Now I have myself thinking about ordering pizza but luckily I’m too cheap to want to pay a tip. Plus I have a habit of monitoring my intake of carbohydrates. I refuse to become obese.

What’s the deal with humans and the desire to collect things? We hold all these possessions that don’t serve any real purpose but we go out of our way to own them. It’s all this spare time and resources we have in our modern world. When you’re not constantly thinking about your survival you’re thinking about something else.

Our lives are semi-based on make-believe. Between TV, movies, celebrities, online identities and our inflated egos, ‘real life’ is tucked behind a curtain that we think will never fall.

I have a 375 ml empty bottle to pour half of my 750 ml of wine in so that it does not oxidize into vinegar. Tonight that 375 ml bottle was filled and then emptied. Things you do when you don’t have to get up on Monday morning.

My attitude towards life is changing. It was a very slow gradual change that could only be realized when it was fully manifested. They say if you can’t change your circumstances you can change your attitude. I call bullshit with a twist on that. Your attitude can change but not on a whim. It’s not so much that I changed my attitude as it was my attitude changed. I didn’t decide one day to hike to the peak of a mountain to meditate to find enlightenment. Change is like a slow marination that cannot be appreciated until it has completed its course.

Isolation is seen as a negative situation to be in but it can be the equivalent of a detox from heroin. It’s easy to go through life injected with the drugs of society that deter you from the life you want to live. To be swarmed with the malicious ideas of the outside world is as common place as encountering a McDonald’s or Starbucks on every other street corner.

The momentum of life will keep you moving in the direction that it pleases. It’s hard to jump out of a moving vehicle unless you know it’s headed towards complete danger.

Our minds naturally gravitate to linear thoughts from our dulled imagination which cannot fathom the illogical occurrences that make life beautiful. We aspire to live this controlled life of calculations and predictions but fail to realize that the true beauty in life does not always make sense on paper.

You will die. You may not agree with anything I have ever published onto this platform but surely you will agree that your death is inevitable. You can live a comfortable repressed life or you can live the life that you think is suited for yourself.

The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.

– Bruce Lee


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