Seller’s Remorse

The last scene of my dream before I woke up today was of me urinating into an oversized toilet which is a good sign that you need to go in real life. Fortunately, I did wake up with dry undies but unfortunately I couldn’t fall back asleep.

It seemed like it was going to be a promising day for sales through the internet today. One guy was going to come by to look at my pellet gun, another for an older camera and another for my Rocketfish wireless speaker kit.

The pellet rifle gun is brand new and selling for 30% off of retail but it apparently wasn’t good enough for him because of some marks on the inside of the gun that no one can ever see. I think he was hoping I would lower the price. “I think that’s rust,” he says. I didn’t think rust was ever silver in colour but what do I know.

I’m still waiting for the camera guy to come by but it doesn’t look like it’s happening. He was supposed to come last week but he said today that he forgot. I’m wondering if he’s old. I’ll call him tomorrow if he’s still alive. I’m assuming he’s old because his name is ‘Alfred’ and he has a bad memory.

Last night I listed a wireless speaker kit on Craigslist and received two replies this morning. The quick demand made me think twice about selling it. I hooked it up and decided I didn’t want to sell it anymore. I’m an asshole, I know. They haven’t come out with technology yet for a fully wireless surround sound for the mass market. How dare they take so long. I think nowadays people expect technology to advance within a couple of years. In two years if Apple doesn’t come out with an iPhone that massages your nipples, people are going to be furious.


It doesn’t really make your surround sound wireless. In fact, it brings about more wires. It just moves the wires more out of sight.

So I sold nothing today. I’m going to have to deal with this weekend economic recession by eating my homemade soup fit for a bum. $2 for the soup bones, $4 for the broccoli, $2 for the carrots and the can of beans was free. I found the beans at the back of my cupboard. Mix the soup with some rice and I’m a well fed hobo for a couple days.


5 comments on “Seller’s Remorse

  1. I hate it when I get rid of something I wanted to keep.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I get that feeling when I think about selling some of the things I own, not because they are so special but probably because I have a bit of a hoarder’s mentality. But ya, it sucks worse sometimes when it’s sold.


  2. Cafe says:

    LOL well, if it gets too hard eating the hobo meals it might motivate you to follow through on your sales 😉 Just kidding, you’re not an asshole 🙂


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