Evolution of Tattoos

For a long time, where I grew up, tattoos were mostly for tough guys or those wanting to resemble tough guys. When I was a teenager/young adult in the late 1990’s, tattoos were seen as being for gangsters or those wanting to resemble gangsters. A dragon on the back or chest was the engraving of choice but as you know, once anything becomes a trend it’s the beginning of the end. Dragons still thrived on the skin of many, but after a few years, tigers, snakes and koi fishes invaded new territory.

A tattoo on a young man meant that you were up to no good or you hung out with people who were up to no good. With the urge to one-up the rest, a back or front torso covered only partially with a tattoo was taking a back seat to the whole entire back or front being covered.

Giving your tattoos the opportunity to be covered by a shirt at any given time began to mean that you weren’t a committed tough guy. To show you really had balls and didn’t give a shit, brought you to ‘sleeve’ yourself. One could only hide themselves for so long when their forearms were covered in permanent ink. Who would do that? I guess one who wasn’t planning on going the corporate route.

Now every pansy looking motherfucker has tattoos from their torso to their forearms. It still carries a partial stigma that you might live outside of the law but people do realize that you could also be a pansy hipster.

Tattoos on your upper body are not good enough for some now. I’m seeing more and more people decorating their thigh or the back of their calf. In the past weeks I’ve been noticing tattoos on the shaved side of people’s heads. Today I saw a younger female with a large bat(not the wooden kind) on the side of her head. It’s not a bad place to have a tattoo since you can just grow the hair out and no one would be the wiser. I think it’s really only a matter of time until the face becomes the new trend.



6 comments on “Evolution of Tattoos

  1. Not a huge tattoo fan though but I love the “truth” you put into this piece “I think it’s really only a matter of time until the face becomes the new trend”


  2. Jenna says:

    Ohhh face tattoos scare me. I’ve considered getting one many times, but it would be the size of a dime and covered by my watch band. I like to think of them as a deeply personal form of expression and art, but I guess some people take it a bit liberally.


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