eBay Selling Adventures

I’ve been busy buying and selling garbage online. One man’s garbage is another man’s garbage. In the past I was a regular seller on eBay but since the popularity of Craigslist, I’ve gravitated more to the local scene.

My first experience with selling on eBay was when I would sell tools that I purchased with my employee discount at this big box store I was working at. After a couple months the manager called me into his office and accused me of reselling items bought from the store with my employee discount. How dare him. During the meeting he told me that the employee with the second most purchases had less than a quarter of what I bought. My next reply was going to decide whether I would keep my employment there.

Ummm…no, I have not been reselling them. I send them to my uncle in China to use in his factory.

I’m sure him and the other managers had a good laugh after. I gave him a bullshit answer but I was impressed that I could think of that off the top of my head. I wish I hadn’t though because in hindsight being relieved from my shit job would have been the better move.

Recently, I’ve listed my CD’s for sale on eBay but some sentimentalism kicked in which also caused me to hold back on a few. I’ve also discovered that there is some demand on some other items that I have in my possession. I’m seeing a 3 fold increase in price of what I paid for.

Even the broken Slash figure went for $15 plus shipping. I paid about $20 for each of them brand new. Packaged ones are going for $50 to $100. Any of those action figures from the musical genre are fetching good coin on eBay.


A few years ago I was walking past a yard sale and I bought an ugly son of a bitch action figure for $1 from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. It too has some demand on eBay. I want to sell it but I’m also kind of attached to it too.


Bebop is a 13 inch toy figure that comes with a spatula because he lost his other weapons in battle. In the eBay ad, I included the spatula. I want to keep Bebop because I think it would be a good conversation piece. I’ll tell people that my girlfriend dumped me because I gave this to her for our anniversary.

In conclusion, if an item once had popularity and is no longer being produced, one day there will be people who will pay money to own it. In the life we live today, many people have nothing better to do with their life than to buy stuff that they don’t need. Screw the less fortunate, it’s all about stimulating the economy, right?


6 comments on “eBay Selling Adventures

  1. The Slash and Bebop are awesome.


  2. Wanda says:

    What I wouldn’t give to have kept all my Star Wars toys and original Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Sigh.


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