A Mike Tyson Halloween

As an upstanding citizen, I am contributing to Halloween for the kids, community and the economy. Also, it gives me something to do. I like doing fun stuff as much as the next person.


Mike Tyson Pumpkin


I live in a basement suite around the back of a house so I will be going to my mother’s house to give out chocolate. I haven’t decided yet if I will be biting the ears off of children yet.


The pumpkin carving commenced yesterday and I think the pumpkin is starting to stink. That’s what I tell myself anyway otherwise I’d have to admit that my place just stinks. Possibly being unemployed and at home too long is making my home smell like me. In the fridge goes Mike Tyson’s head right beside the 2 month old cucumber that looks like a deflated balloon. If you want to lose weight the inside of your fridge has to look more like mine minus the cheesecake.


I eat a lot of eggs

Some of you might turn off your lights tomorrow and go hide in your room. Fuck the kids. It might rain quite hard tomorrow so all my efforts may go to waste.


There will be a lot more effort wasted here though

Have a nice night and Happy Halloween!


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