My Hockey Card Story

One of the few memories I have from my time as a 5 year old is persuading my mother to take me to the corner store to buy me some hockey cards. I’m not sure what compelled my want for the cards because I really do not remember watching or playing hockey. Perhaps, it was the stick of bubble gum they include in every pack.

Those cards were long gone after a short amount of time. I probably cut them up for fun or wore them out so badly that I just dumped them. A few years later, hockey cards made a revival back into my life as it did for many others. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, sports cards blew up in popularity and in value. Men in their 30’s and 40’s were buying my cards off me for a substantial amount of money, for my age anyway. One guy gave me $80 for one of my complete sets!

Okay, that just made me realize something. My mother throws away my belongings without even consulting me but she has kept my collection of hockey cards in a safe place in her bedroom. She probably has that memory of me as an 11 year old scoring $80 from a $10 investment burned into her head for life.

Some time during the prime of sports card collecting I sold the card pictured below to my classmate for $21 so that I could buy my mother a present for Mother’s Day. I would probably get the same amount for it today. I think I hit the pinnacle of my success at age 11.


And then it ended, just like that. Within a matter of 3 to 4 years no one gave a care about them. That set I sold for $80 might get you $20 today and only because of the vast market the internet provides. If you were trying to sell it locally without the internet you’d might as well wipe your ass with them or use them as coasters. Card shops don’t even carry sports cards anymore. Pokemon and Magic cards rule the world of collectible cards these days. Another reason to believe that nerds rule the world.

I get a little nostalgic sometimes and the internet lures me into its cavern of temptation. 20 years later I can now afford the cards I could never before and they are even cheaper today. But I don’t care for sports no more so not much money will be spent.

$10 Canadian plus shipping. It would cost more like $3 plus shipping if it wasn’t professionally graded. I ordered it because it’s a nice looking card of the most famous hockey player of all time, and it looks all special with the case and grading. It helps that he never came off as an asshole during his career or after. His wife and daughter might be a couple of whores though.



2 comments on “My Hockey Card Story

  1. why might his wife and daughter be a couple of whores?


    • MrJohnson says:

      Possible gambling ring, breast implants, slutty selfies, plastic surgery, Hollywood, trying to be famous for doing nothing.

      I don’t know if I can label them whores outside of the joking sense. I’m not even sure what defines a whore…but they might be.


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