Bad eBay Experiences

The world of eBay offers you a great selection of items not available to you locally but the biggest drawback is that you have to trust some stranger won’t rip you off. When I say “trust” I really mean “hope.” I’ve been ripped off enough on eBay that I will never purchase anything that is expensive from there again.

Camera Battery

I used to be a serious amateur photographer back in the day. Having back up equipment was prudent so I decided to get an extra battery for my digital slr. When I received this “brand new” battery, I put it in my camera…nothing. I charged it…nothing. Refund? “You need to ship it to Hong Kong and we will send you another one.” I would have to pay for shipping, of course.

Canon Manual Film SLR Camera

I like old cameras. When I got this one it stopped working just after a month. Refund? “It’s passed the 30 day refund policy.”

It’s hard to believe that someone you don’t know and will never see won’t rip you off when there are plenty of people who will rip you off right in front of your face.

There’s a few more unsatisfactory eBay transactions such as the time I was sent women’s jeans or a motorcycle part for my friend that was incomplete. It’s patheticism at its finest. I’m no novice when it comes to eBay. I worked there for 2 years at the call centre they had here before they used the employees to train people overseas who then ended up taking all their jobs when they laid everyone off and shut down the centre.

Recently, I’ve been hunting down rotary dial telephones and I haven’t been having much luck. I’m only looking within Canada because I don’t want to deal with high shipping costs, long shipping times and customs charges. I found a couple but just like anyone who is trying to sell anything, if they don’t lie then they at least withhold the truth.

Has dial tone when plugged in and sounds really clear. (no static)

It seemed odd to me that he would brag about how clear the dial tone was but not how clear another voice sounded on the other end. My question was if the phone could make and receive calls. His answer?

“Everything works fine except for dialing out.”

Okay, so that means it’s fucking broken. It’s like saying a car works fine except that you just can’t seem to get it to accelerate.

One rare vintage 1979 rotary dial black and white telephone , wall mounted

Q: Is it fully functional and is it cheaper to ship to Vancouver? Thanks.
A: Hello , Thank you for your e-mail . Shipping to your area would be $ 10.00 US ( +/-13.00 CDN ). The phone is untested as it needs a little re-wiring on the back to replace the actual mount .
So it’s broken? And you can’t test it because the wiring is all messed up. From the looks of it you can test it but you would need an adapter piece for this Frankenstein telephone. It’s advertised that it’s a wall mountable phone but you won’t be able to properly mount it on the wall with that thing sticking out of it.

The way they hope for it to play out is that once you receive the item, you will complain but they will just say, “I never said it worked.” It’s like marrying someone only to find out that they have 10 days to live but it’s not their fault that they didn’t tell you because you didn’t ask.

So I only order certain items from eBay. Items that have only a small chance of disappointing me like DVDs, books and anything else that is fairly inexpensive. eBay is almost dead to me since the popularization of Craigslist. I’m going to the flea market this weekend.

4 comments on “Bad eBay Experiences

  1. Jenna says:

    I think everyone has a bad ebay experience – I recently bought an iPhone that was supposed to be Sprint, but it was a Verizon phone with a Sprint sim. It was blacklisted on VZW and whitelisted on Sprint…no win for me,


  2. TheRider says:

    Hmm… This sound familiar. I’ve never tried out eBay here in India despite it being around for ages. I just don’t seem to trust the people that sell it.

    FlipKart, which is another online shopping portal, albeit more trustworthy than eBay still has it’s fair share of fraudulent sellers as well.

    If there’s something valuable that I want to buy, and it’s not coming directly from the company that manufactures it, I’d rather just head to the nearest shop that sells it and buy it from there.

    I recently bought a Joby gorilla pod. I was actually surprised that it was listed for half the price the company usually charges. Now that I have it in my hand, I have this sneaking suspicion that or isn’t original. Joby products are usually well built, and this doesn’t seem to be well built. Well, maybe not at first glance, but yeah…


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