Oct 22nd, Turdsday


My interests seem to gravitate towards items that don’t really have much use in our present world…rotary telephones, manual 35mm film cameras and this world globe that I picked up today off of some guy from Craigslist. Lyle listed it for $29 probably hoping someone would offer him $25 but would probably accept $20. I offered him $25 like an unaggressive bastard that I am. I hate low-balling people. I’m happy with the globe except it’s not current. It displays USSR and Yugoslavia. Oh well, it’s still pretty rad. I hate it when people low-ball me. It enrages me, makes me want to destroy their possessions and eat their family.

There’s a city garbage dump that you are supposed to go to when you have items you want to dispose of that are too large to fit in your garbage bin. It costs money to dump your items there so many people just dump their shit at the most convenient and inconspicuous location.


If you have recyclable items it’s free to get rid of so I brought my portable barbecue grill, disposable propane tanks and other metal items there. There’s a disconnect when you dump your garbage. You throw it away so it’s out of your hands but where does it go to? Apparently it’s floating somewhere on the ocean like a big piece of stinkin shit in a toilet. It’s almost the equivalent of cleaning your room by shoving every thing in your closet or under your bed.

In the afternoon, I ended up at the McDonald’s by my home for a $2 Double Cheeseburger and small coffee. While sitting in my car listening to my usual podcast, this older Asian guy came back to his vehicle that was parked beside me. I was backed in and he was parked frontwards so we were side to side. I was bored so I said, “hi.” He reciprocated. He seemed interested so I continued to harass him. “On your lunch break?”

It turned into a conversation of me being unemployed and my philosophy behind it. He seemed amused and intrigued. We talked for a bit and then he gave me his card. He was a real estate agent. It kind of turned me off because it made me think that his intentions were to solicit potential business. Of course, it partly was.

He gave me some stock tips and the salesperson also came out of him, “when you make a million dollars, you will remember me when you buy a home, right?” He went on to tell me how in his whole life he has never met someone who told him that they quit their job with such a big smile on their face.

With 22 years in the industry, he’s developed some strategies. Giving stock tips costs him nothing regardless if they pan out or not. I’m not sure how much of what he had to say was honest or just a premeditated strategy to attain potential business but it was at least somewhat entertaining and possibly beneficial.  Just like every thing else going on in my life right now, we’ll see what happens.


2 comments on “Oct 22nd, Turdsday

  1. cctyker says:

    It bugs me that a person can’t have a simple and pleasant conversation without being set up for a sale by some money mongering smiley face. Money uber alles. Not.


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