New Love for Rotary Phones


Last night I saw something on a show that triggered a new slight addiction for rotary telephones. I never had one in my household nor do I have a phone line connected now but I’ve become nostalgic for its rugged construction, mechanical sound and good reception. Perhaps I also miss that old annoying ringing sound that does not seem to exist anymore. The phrase, “your phone is ringing” should no longer be used since phones only beep or sing now. It’s funny though, because when these phones were still found in homes, I hated them. My grandmother had one and I cursed it for its primitiveness.

There’s a few on Craigslist and quite a few more on eBay but after every thing is said and done they will want $40 or more. It’s become a bit of a collector’s item especially the ones that are less boring in colour such as the red and pink ones. The one pictured above is local and they want $40. There’s some on eBay asking for at least $30 for shipping on top of the selling price. The one thing that sucks about living in Canada is that the selection available to you is limited and less desirable.

Today I became more interested in a rotary phone that is wall mountable. I found one on Kijiji for $30 but she lives over on the island next to me. I emailed her to ask if she would be open to the idea of shipping it to me. I think it would be a good decorative piece on my wall.


When or if I do get one of these phones, I may bring it over to someone’s place just so that I can use it. If I ever do get a landline connected, when people call me on my cellular phone, I’ll tell them to call me back on my immobile landline which will be my version of time travelling.

If you have one, maybe we can work something out.


9 comments on “New Love for Rotary Phones

  1. cicorm says:

    Fascinating nostalgia, Mr Johnson. Nicely narrated!


  2. Antique shops will have them sometimes. At least in the Seattle area they do


  3. tonyfelloni says:

    I love these also, my next project is to convert one so it will make skype calls over wifi and or GSM calls but still use the cool rotary dialler!


  4. […] I’ve been hunting down rotary dial telephones and I haven’t been having much luck. I’m only looking within Canada because I […]


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