Liquor Store Walk


When the misery of a job is not hanging around your head the only blues you get are from the sky. As I made my way to the 7-11 to get a cup of unemployment coffee($1.05), the birds chirping and the autumn foliage didn’t go unnoticed.

Day turns to night but it’s a nice night for a walk to the liquor store. Not even 10 seconds out of the liquor store I get approached by Short Tony, Fat Tony’s little brother. I don’t know Short Tony but it doesn’t stop him from asking me for $2.95 so he can buy a pack of cigarettes. As I do with all other people who ask me for money on the street, I analyze their sales pitch and their clothing.

My name is Tony, I work at that restaurant and I live on this street.

There’s always the high possibility he’s selling me some bullshit. I realized that I had to assume that it was bullshit so the question was, am I going to give it to him or not? Does it even matter if a beggar is bullshitting or not?

My name is Tony, I work at that restaurant and I live on this street.

Okay, okay. I get it. Your name is Tony and you’re part of this community. He must think his proximity to the neighbourhood gives him some kind of credibility.

For all I knew he could have been popping out every 5 minutes from that corner store telling everyone that his name was Tony, worked at that restaurant, lived right by there and needed $2.95. He would only need to convince 3 suckers in an hour and he would have $9 tax free.

I gave him the $3. I believe in helping the less fortunate and if you’re a man who is 5’2″, I think that automatically puts you in that category especially if you’re wearing torn up sneakers. It’s like being a leprechaun with no rainbow and definitely no pot of gold. He said, “thank you,” shook my hand and wished me a goodnight. I was astonished by how soft his hands were.

I carried on home with my big bottle of Heineken in a brown paper bag. If anyone who knew me saw me walking the streets at 9pm and taking swigs from a brown paper bag, they would think that I completely hit rock bottom. Whatever…hahaha.



6 comments on “Liquor Store Walk

  1. cctyker says:

    Why would “Tony” need any money? He “works at that restaurant”? In your jobless condition I’d of asked him for money. Personally, I’d ask for $5.13. If he didn’t have the 13 cents, I’d of told him that’s OK, I’ll make do with the five bucks.
    Hell, being a beggar isn’t all that demeaning. Sure beats being an orderly cleaning up vomit at the hospital.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I guess Tony was lying or was broke or doesn’t make enough. Either way I guess he didn’t have $2.95. He definitely needed new shoes though. Seems like he could afford moisturizer.
      Ya, being a beggar isn’t that bad of gig as long as you don’t mind being seen as a beggar.


  2. It feels good to give money to others when you’re unemployed… at least it did for me.

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