Slash in Vancouver 2015

It’s 12:26 AM, Pacific Standard Time. I am high. Not crazy high but starting to come down. My ears are ringing from the Slash concert tonight because the stacks of speakers were right in front of me. I had a good fucking time.


All anybody wants to do when they go to a concert is skip the opening band and get liquored up. The line-ups for beer were freaking long but that didn’t stop anybody. I had one beer but didn’t have the patience to get another. I just waited for the drugs to kick in.


One might ask, do you always have to get high for a concert? Well, I don’t have to but if it’s going to make for a way better time than I will. You don’t have to use ketchup with your french fries but you might as well, right? You don’t have to drink alcohol at events but you do. Why deprive yourself? It was an extraordinary seat, right by the stage.

I took a dose of MDMA before I left my home but this new batch wasn’t as potent. I threw it in my mouth at 7:30 and even at 9pm I wasn’t feeling much but it ended up being sufficient. I had a big meal right before so that may have slowed the process.


That guy you see up there threw me one of his guitar picks too! I stuck out a bit because as always I was the only Chinese guy in there and I was the liveliest guy in my area. What also made it a great seat was the fact that no tall fucker was standing in my view. Tall white people still manage to find a way to oppress minorities even to this day. I’m glad they threw me a bone this time.


Feel free to read my palm


The smartphones were out in full force. I could imagine old guys using this situation as a way to bash technology. “When we went to concerts we actually watched them.” Okay, but does your senile mind have any memory of it?

The possible highlight of the night was at the end when the lead singer, Myles Kennedy, saw me coming into the crowd and he stuck his hand past the other reachers to get to mine and looked me in the eye as we shook hands. His eyes said, “I see you Asian.” They will remember me as the Asian guy from Vancouver who was grooving to all the tunes like it was the last day on Earth.

Today was also the Canadian Thanksgiving. Today I give thanks to Slash and his buddies for blessing a few thousand of us with a spectacular show that made people who had turkey & cranberry sauce dinners, suckers compared to me. But I’m sure your family is cooler than Slash.

Being unprepared, I didn’t have any beer at home so I drove to the convenient and trusty casino by my home who is willing to entertain anyone who is up to no good on a late Monday evening. Stella Artois, I’m a classy motherfucker. $9 for this fucking beer.




4 comments on “Slash in Vancouver 2015

  1. samlobos says:

    I love going to concerts.


  2. cctyker says:

    You said, “When we went to concerts we actually watched them.” Okay, but does your senile mind have any memory of it?

    Ah, not much. In my time Kansas was worth going to. I know the state still exists, but does the band? Hmmm. I can’t remember who they were.

    Hope your hearing returns to normal.


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