The Unemployment Diet

One of the hardest aspects of quitting your job for no other source of income is having to give up a lifestyle. I’m not saying a glamorous lifestyle but a lifestyle that allowed you to not have to be mindful about your spending. I didn’t want to give it up either but I decided that it wasn’t worth the misery.

Lately, I’ve been eating like it’s the Great Depression but I’m quite content. After doing some reading on what people ate during the Great Depression, it didn’t sound that bad. I’m wondering if the Great Depression was just that short era in time when first world citizens had to live like poor immigrant families do. If so I feel no sympathy 🙂

My meals are as follows.

2 eggs, banana

Peanut butter & jam sandwich

Soup made from turkey necks, bok choy, brown rice

Orange, banana, broccoli, hemp protein powder drink

I usually will have another sandwich or another bowl of soup some time during the evening. To be honest, I didn’t eat this well in high school.

A rough calculation tells me that I’m spending about $5 a day. I could cut this down even further if I stop buying organic SPCA certified eggs and organic yeast free bread. I splurged yesterday and bought a package of bacon. Pork products are not cheap these days. On sale it was $6. With 10 thick slices that works out to 60 cents a slice of bacon. Revenge of the pigs.


Forget those other fad diets. The Unemployment Diet is a tried and true method to unplump yourself thus helping us save space in our over-populated world.


10 comments on “The Unemployment Diet

  1. I feel like you’re onto something here…


  2. Still a step above the starving student diet, which consists only of Top Ramen with the occasional splurging at your rents’ house.


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