Suffering to be Happy

From an early age we’re trained to suffer and are programmed to believe that suffering will be the way of life forever. They tell us without suffering there is no happiness. Suffering is so ingrained in our culture that we just refer to it as being ‘life.’ Almost every major aspect of life can be synonymous with suffering.

In grade school we are trained to suffer so that we can go on to adequately suffer some more but this time we have to pay out of our pockets for it. It’s at this stage that we can get the training we need to suffer comfortably for the rest of our lives if all goes according to plan.

For so many of us, suffering is second nature that we don’t even realize what suffering is. We think of it as a means to an end. The end being some sort of satisfaction. Using suffering as a means to achieve contentment seems as nonsensical as poking your open wounds with a knife so that they will stop bleeding.

When it comes to the fear of suffering, our tactical game plan is to combat it with an alternative route of suffering. We’re afraid that no one will accept us for just us so we embark on an epic journey of suffering in hopes that it will be worth it at some point. We often choose short term comfort in exchange for long term misery because sometimes we will do anything to stave off discomfort. We make a deal with the devil and just hope that hell works out. More than anything we suffer for the purpose of acceptance.

We are brainwashed by a culture that gives positive reinforcement to those who endure suffering. Our society associates happiness with accomplishments. The destination is the end all and be all…trophies that are visible and can be held, and labels that belong to a culturally respected concept.

I don’t think working a job is synonymous with suffering but often it is. Suffering is only suffering when the fruits of your labour are not truly fulfilling. I realize that there are those who seemingly have no choice but to suffer through life but many times they are the ones that paved that road for themselves. There are other instances that people were setup by the ones that raised them to endure a life of suffering.

The only comfort from a life of suffering is the periodic warmth one receives from the others that suffer with them.


Daily Prompt: Acceptance

6 comments on “Suffering to be Happy

  1. samlobos says:

    I’ve been thinking about this too, just in regards to relationships. The saddest thing about suffering is when someone has a choice to change it, but doesn’t.


  2. Mr. Johnsons' Favorite Cousin says:

    Some people like to show that they have suffered more than others to gain respect and feel superior. Like the more they suffered ( bigger workload), the more you should respect them. Not sure how people got tricked into playing that game.


  3. Wise words pa…
    You killed this one 😉
    Perfectly stringed words..
    Thanks for sharing


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