The Music of my Life

Daily Prompt: Papa Loves Mambo

What sort of music was played in your house when you were growing up? What effect, (if any) did it have on your musical tastes?

When I was a kid living with Uncle Bill, the radio in the bathroom would turn on when the light switch was flipped on. Being the ‘man of the house,’ he made it clear that the dial stayed on the oldies station. During my 7 years there of brushing my teeth, defecating and showering I was forced to take in the tunes of Roy Orbison, The Beatles and a bunch of other dead white guys that at the time I could not put a name to the face.

From there my musical taste evolved when I befriended the white kid my age who lived a block away. He got me into Bon Jovi, Guns N’Roses and music from other popular long haired dudes. He also had a Run DMC cassette which if I think about it now, he was a very progressive 8 year old.

I liked all types of music growing up. Bobby Brown, Debbie Gibson, Skid Row, Rick Astley, Mariah Carey. It didn’t matter if it was rock or sappy ballads as long as it sounded good. My mother was into The Carpenters, Paul Anka, ABBA and quite a few others. Easy listening, I guess they would call it. I enjoyed it as well.

When high school came around I dropped any rock n’roll type music altogether. All my friends now were Asian and there are very few Asians who listen to rock music. At this time I was primarily only listening to new music that was created by black people. Every so often I would hear an old rock song and get nostalgic but if I listened to 90’s rock I would have been outcasted. Bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were for dirty losers, in our mind.

After high school, I moved and was isolated in a suburb with no job, friends, goals or plans to seriously attend college. Most days were spent laying in bed, no TV and depressed with the radio on. I would listen to the adult contemporary station the most because they seemed to have a better selection of songs. I was happy to have Whitney Houston, CCR and Celine Dion songs come on. I hated that Titanic song though. The Top 40 type stations were annoying because they would always play the same current hits over and over again.

One dark and depressed night in 1998, I dug up the Guns N’Roses cassette tape that I had since 1989. I put it in the tape player and for whatever reason the riffs and solos grabbed me by the bollocks like never before. From then to years after, all I cared about was guitar driven music. Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, blues, 90’s, 80’s, anything.

For some people music is just a phase. Most of the people I grew up with don’t even listen to music anymore. They don’t plug their ears when music comes on but they don’t care much for it either. There are a bunch of other types of music I like but I’m not going to list off everything or how I was introduced to them.

Being around the different types of people I was exposed to throughout my life has given me my taste in music and probably contributed to my fabulous personality. The situations I was placed in played a large role as well because without them the music at that time would have been absent from my life.


3 comments on “The Music of my Life

  1. Even i am more inclined towards guitar based songs and gnr used to be one of my fav bands. Pearl Jam is my all time favorite though.Nice post.


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