Gone Fishin

The truth is I only fished for like 30 minutes but there was so much more to this trip than trying to hook trout from a lake. It was a 4 hour scenic drive from Vancouver that I had done before but this time I was able to appreciate the beauty more. When you have less misery in your head the good things in life penetrate better. On my way there I had the easy listening favourites playing such as Elton John, The Eagles, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac and some others that I’m too embarrassed to mention. I may or may not have been listening to Avril Lavigne.


I was welcomed by landmines on the side of the road that were disguised as cow pies which to me solidified that I was far from city life. I flattened my very first cow pie. Nothing blew up though.


I approached the cabin I was staying at and opened the door to find the two old guys who invited me up there, both laying in bed at 3pm. Three hours later we were finally set up to do some fishing. One hour later we were done. It was a sign of how things were going to be for the rest of the trip.

Some fish had been caught but for dinner it was Chunky Soup and stale bread sandwiches. After some beers the craving for potato chips were high but we had to settle for packaged croutons. I wish I had the forethought to take some photos of our fine dining.

We woke up bright and early the next morning at 10am and laid around for another hour until we had breakfast. Not wanting to waste a fine sunny day of fishing we were almost ready to head down to the lake at 4pm.


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For whatever reason by then one of the old guys didn’t want to go fishing so two of us decided to find the alleged gravel pit where we could shoot guns. Not being able to find it, we ended up going for a drive that included an abundance of beautiful scenery. Instead of continuing to locate this gravel pit we ended up in some small town where we ate at a diner. One Salisbury steak dinner please. It was homemade(not like the frozen hamburger patty I had last time) and so was the blueberry pie. Prices were good too. I really wish they had such diners in the city.

Going back to the cabin we actually found the gravel pit but by then it was sundown. We shot off a few rounds and headed back. Back at the cabin it was beer drinking time again but this time with potato chips. That was the end of that day.

The next day which was my last was only a little more productive. We spent more time talking about going fishing than anything else. By 1pm it came down to fishing or shooting and I chose shooting because I knew if I chose fishing we wouldn’t get to the lake for 2 hours. We shot for 3 hours and it was a great time. The weather was perfect and there was no one else around. Shooting .22 caliber rounds ends up being more than just shooting. Unlike the shotgun and rifle loads, .22 rounds are comparatively quiet and less intense. You can shoot them without ear protection so you end up chatting a lot. Shit, it’s only now that I really wish I took some pictures. I bet you one day we will be able to download images from our head.

Once shooting was done it was basically time for me to go home. I didn’t want to leave but they had to move into a smaller cabin and three seemed like a crowd. But I procrastinated for an hour before we said our goodbyes. On my way out I had to say my goodbyes to my other friends.


The drive back was mostly dark. I listened to the music of Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Phil Collins, Debbie Gibson and other favourites. I’m not entirely glad to be home but it has its advantages like an in-house bathroom.

Although the stay at the resort was not action packed, I enjoyed it immensely. Time went by fast because time wasn’t an issue and life was enjoyable. No misery and being closer to nature helps, I believe. I would have been perfectly content sitting in my lounge chair all day drinking beverages with the lake, land and trees being my television while having lunch and greeting people passing by as my commercial break. I didn’t surf the internet once or watch any TV shows and I didn’t miss it. I didn’t do shit all really. It’s easy to comprehend how some people would rather ride out the rest of their lives at a place like I was at rather than the city.


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6 comments on “Gone Fishin

  1. lisafab says:

    You need to have more weekends like this so you can write more blog posts with this kind of stuff…I really enjoyed reading it =)


    • MrJohnson says:

      I don’t object to having more weekends like this one and I would write about it each time. It makes for some good wholesome material for the entire family to enjoy. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed reading it!


      • Mr. Johnsons' Favorite Cousin says:

        Weekends like that cost money, which you may force you back to work sooner than later. Ever thought about working seasonally on a farm? You can get the freshest produce and red meat, and most likely at a discount.


  2. Wanda says:

    Nature is good for you. 😉


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