Living with Cardboard Boxes


I deliver and pickup parcels for a job by day. This morning I dropped off a decent size box from Lululemon by the back basement door for a person I have delivered to before. 30 pairs of yoga pants maybe? No one answered the door so I left it in a safe place. The picture you see above was taken then. It’s not every day that you get to see such a unique display of online shopping aftermath so I felt inspired to capture this piece of art.

A few hours later I get a message from my company informing me that the package I dropped off is nowhere to be found by the customer. The fact that the package was hidden from the public but very visible to the resident, gave me the feeling that this story wouldn’t end innocently.

I swung by the place to find a Chinese lady there that I never met. She was not friendly but it would make sense in a minute. In broken English she tells me that her tenant skipped out on her without paying what she owed. I told her why I was there and she told me that she saw the “bitch” this morning running away with a box. Okay, it’s all making sense now.

She showed me the inside of the basement suite where the deserter stayed and it was filled with like 100 empty boxes and all the wrappings. It looked like the day after Christmas at an orphanage with presents but no adults. I had glimpses inside when the now ex-tenant signed for packages in front of a half opened door but I just thought she was running some kind of online business. This time I was able to see the entire suite and it was a freaking nightmare. The landlord lady told me the bedroom was filled with boxes too. Just imagine what you see in the picture above but multiplied by 5. I wanted to take a picture of the inside but I felt it would be a bit insensitive.

The bad tenant/scam artist Chinese woman in her 30’s always gave me a weird vibe because she was living with cardboard boxes everywhere and she always had a depressed look on her face. She’s ordered some expensive items in the past which makes me think it’s possible that she was running some sort of credit card scam and using that address to get her packages shipped. If not then she just has a spending and mental disorder. Other than that she looked fairly innocent with her glasses and meek demeanor. She likely called in to say the package was missing hoping she could get another one for free. Well fuck her because the package did not require a signature.


5 comments on “Living with Cardboard Boxes

  1. cctyker says:

    Maybe the owner of the apartment could sell all that cardboard to someone with a wood stove. It would make good fire starter, and from the looks of things, there are years of fire starter in that apartment.


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