Pretending to be Happy

When people ask me if I’m happy I always tell them I’m not. I think the definition of happy is different for everyone and mine is not made up just to conveniently satisfy my ego.

What people don’t always believe is that if you say that you are happy it means that is your general mood for most of your present life. People mistake happiness with feeling good about themselves. They tell themselves they are happy when they think about what they have or what they have done in life. It’s almost like there is an official happiness fact sheet and as long as your life somewhat matches up with it then you can say that you are happy regardless of how often you feel misery. I suppose this can be in direct relation to feeling happy for the sole reason of feeling accepted.

If you hate being at your job, I don’t think you can say you are happy. How can one say that they hate at least half of their day and be happy? Combined with all the other parts of your life that you get no fulfillment from, I think it would be safe to say that you are not happy. You might have purpose and parts of your life that do make you happy, but you are not happy. I don’t think a 50/50 split of happiness and misery equals being happy. Although, if you are at a 50/50, you might be better off than most people.

In our society, not being happy is the ultimate failure in life which is why so many people cheat so that it can appear that they pass the test. People blatantly lie about anything to save face so of course they are going to lie about being happy even if they are at 20/80.


10 comments on “Pretending to be Happy

  1. samlobos says:

    I think the better way to measure life is by contentment. Because happy is such a fleeting emotion that is largely dependent on the current circumstances. You can be content even when things aren’t perfect and I feel like that’s true fulfillment in life.


  2. Staying happy does not necessarily means achievements and contentment.. it means knowing how to relate with situations appropriately, even when everything arround you seems to make you go insane
    Great post bud


  3. Mr. Johnsons' Cousin says:

    I believe on a daily basis if you’re at work or with someone you aren’t really close to,most people will not tell you the truth. A lot of the times people will just say I’m good or okay. It is kind of a bull shit polite thing to ask, and reply. No one really has the time or wants to hear someone complain, and also don’t want to be known as a negative and have people gossip about them. Imagine if the President or even your parent ( when you are young) really told you what he was feeling? As such, people it’s definitely more difficult for higher ranking members of any household or workplace to show your true feelings as they have to do what’s in the best interest of most people and not just be honest to keep confidence of the ones he or she is responsible. On a side note this reminds me of when Chris Rock once said in a joke working for minimum wage- the Boss goes Hey how ya doin’ ? You know how the fuck I’m doin’. I’m doin’ bad that’s how I’m doin’. How the fuck could I be doin’ anything with this little bit of money you payin’ me?


  4. I don’t think happiness always comes with satisfaction, even if it does, it is usually momentary! Sometimes when you are too happy and wonder about your happiness it ends the happy part of it, skepticism is an enemy sometimes šŸ™‚


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