Stuffing my Face

I start off every Saturday by going to the farmers market to pick up breakfast and food for the week. They have food trucks there because that’s sort of the newest and coolest thing these days. I’m sure people think they are cool and morally superior for shopping at the farmers market. I got this cool meal from a food truck ran by hipster looking Asians. It was pretty good.


Rice, pork belly, lightly poached egg, herbs and stuff


Photo not by me

There’s a bleacher type bench next to the market where people sit and eat their food. Two weeks ago there was a team of teenage girls practicing soccer on the big grass area. Everyone on the bleachers were facing the other way because I’m guessing they were scared to be thought of as perverts. No underage girls today.

Dinner time. Growing up, I used to love breaded pork chops. My mother has refused to make them for me since 1992. I think it brings back bad memories of a time when she had to wake up extra early before work to prepare dinner. Those things on the pork chop are caramelized apples slices. I never understood the whole apple sauce thing. I understand gravy. I understand peanut butter and jelly but why pork chops with apple sauce? It’s like cranberry with turkey. I don’t get that either. It’s okay I guess but not that great that it deserves a place on the Hollywood Walk of Food Fame.

Sunday night, I had some probably microwaved spaghetti and meatballs. I feel fancy when I use a spoon to help wrap the noodles around my fork.


I’ve left out a couple other fatboy meals that I had because by the time I thought about taking a photo, I finished all the food. I feel like a loser for posting food pictures of what I ate. Who really gives a shit about what I ate, right? Starving people around the world must hate people who post their food photos online. It’s basically bragging.

I’ll leave you with this. This was on a customer’s door. I thought it was really funny so I took a picture of it. I should steal this and give it to some girl. Or guy. Maybe I would give it to some really old guy. The reaction would be priceless.


I Love You


2 comments on “Stuffing my Face

  1. cctyker says:

    I always thought actions speak louder than words.
    These days family and some friends say to me “Love you.” or “I love you.” Great – but …
    If you love someone or enjoy their company, you act like it. You’re respectful and helpful, you pay attention to their moods. Your actions say how important a person is to you.
    Still they tell you they love you.
    I already knew that.
    I guess modern people have not figured out which actions taken mean they are loved and wanted, and which actions taken mean get lost, or I’m only putting up with you now, go away anytime you get the chance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MrJohnson says:

      Sir, actions or inactions say everything.

      With the available technology these days, it gives people the opportunity to disingenuously care about the ones they pretend to care about. They send a text message and feel it’s good enough to wipe their hands clean of any further action. Getting an email that is a paragraph long these days has moved up the ‘caring food chain.’

      People’s idea of what love and caring for other people is often the act of least sacrifice and discomfort.

      Liked by 1 person

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