Death of your Online LIfe

I was just thinking about this blogger who blogged almost every day and then just stopped. He had a decent following and left no words for his reason of departure. He is in his 60’s and I’m wondering if maybe he died. I think this is a possibility because he smoked cigarettes and had a huge belly. Your online friends dying is going to be a major reality one day. If you have enough of these friends for long enough you’ll be sure to go through the experience. The fact that online friends exist is already kind of mind boggling but down the road, your online existence might be your primary one.

If one of your online friends were to pass away, chances are you would never know about it. One day they are blogging about their favourite cereal and the next day they get hit by a bus. If they have the chance to know about their impending death, there’s a good chance they won’t even mention it. They might say nothing or lie and say they are done with the blogosphere. If you’re an asshole like myself who wouldn’t be able to help himself then you might write a dramatic post about how your flesh eating disease will have you in 5 days and how it’s been such a great experience knowing everyone. Of course, I would end it with some philosophical quote about life and include a photo of myself from 10 years ago. Actually, I look better now because I lost the fat off my face. You can see bone structure now.

Online friendships aren’t so tight right now but possibly and I think probably, they will be in the future. If that is the case then one might be more compelled to leave their online community with the truth. Or maybe not. In the future, I’m picturing online funerals or at least an online memorial of some kind. But I suppose having the opportunity to leave loved ones without ever having the message of death delivered could be the more desired route.


12 comments on “Death of your Online LIfe

  1. samlobos says:

    I have often wondered about this myself. I worry that if I were to die suddenly, no one would know to let my friends online know. And vice versa. I hate not knowing, so this thought bothers me.


  2. Great one bud..
    This cracked me up a little 😉


  3. I already assume friends die if I don’t hear from them in a while. I can’t imagine what it will be like when I only have my online friends.


  4. very nice post! my first thought is always that people who make an online disappearance are depressed and can’t leave their bed least of all thinking about writing a blog. But being hit by a bus is probably more feasible 🙂


    • MrJohnson says:

      I think being depressed or having life take a downward direction is a common reason for ceasing to blog. Quite possibly the most common.

      For the longest time I thought the opposite. I thought people stopped blogging when they found a better life. I thought blogging was a symptom of a sad life..haha

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is funny 🙂 I think wanting to communicate whatever thoughts and feelings and ideas you have in positive ways (including blogging) is always a good sign. Someone is definitely alive and thinking and attempting the next step of wanting to share it. But you make me think that maybe someday I will be too happy to even wanting to do that 😉


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