Beating the Monday Blues

What Monday signifies in many societies is the first day of the dreaded work week. To combat the dreadfulness I called in sick. Good thing I did because I feel like shit and it’s pounding rain outside. Raindrops are exploding when they meet the pavement which makes for a horrid day when your job is outside.

My manager probably suspects me of being full of shit given that probably no one wants to be doing my job today and the fact that I am getting paid 70% of my wage to sit at home in my underwear. I get paid sick days and I haven’t called in sick for well over a year which shows you what kind of responsible nerd I am. I feel guilt calling in sick just for the sake of not working and getting paid for it.

I drank way too much alcohol on Saturday night and I’m paying the price 2 days later. Combined with not eating and not drinking water, I really screwed myself. For the last two days I’ve been at that level where you tell yourself you are never going to drink again. I think I can at least keep a promise that I will never drink like that again.

At least I don’t have to work today though. Happy Monday.


6 comments on “Beating the Monday Blues

  1. Wanda says:

    Ahhh, the brown bottle-flu! Hope you feel better soon, and remember, carbs are your friend!


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