You are Worth More than you Think

In this culture, our worth is dependent on what we do for a job and how well we fit into the stereotypical ‘good life.’ As soon as someone hears of where you are on the social ladder, you are either praised, accepted or written off. I was a victim to this myself. I know the rationale because I was plugged into it. Most of the time I was either accepted or written off. When I was written off I was upset and would rant about how stupid it was but I would do nothing. I accepted the idea that it was the way it was and I should feel bad about myself for not meeting the standard.

It’s sad because as humans we are the most important resource available and it’s our choice how we want to be used. To give into the idea that you are worth less because of some cultural idea is primitive thinking. If your worth is based on your money and your social status then you are a fucking loser. You do nothing for this world. Your importance is imaginary. It only seems real because everyone you surround yourself with tells you it is. If you give into this silly way of thinking then your life was a waste because you did nothing but play a role in a deceptive charade.

Everyone can have importance by helping somebody else. If your only objective in life is to help yourself and only the 1 or 2 people associated with you by a label then you really aren’t that special.


2 comments on “You are Worth More than you Think

  1. I totally agree. I felt myself being evaluated in the same way. But I think it goes both ways, when I was doing jobs that I felt were not true to my potential and skills, I always dreaded the question of So, what do you do? because my self-esteem was low and I felt like an underachiever. But one should feel worthy no matter what and where and how and if you manage that, status is really just something for people who think they need it. Sorry, a little ramble 😉


    • MrJohnson says:

      I hated that question too. “So, what do you do?” I was always ashamed of the jobs I held that I felt more proud when I was unemployed.

      Yeah, people think they need status when their mind is plugged into a world that won’t accept them without it. Always feel free to ramble here.


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