Recent Happenings in My Life

The best place to look down at cleavages is by standing on the upper level of a mall. You intend to only view the cleavages of adults but sometimes an underage girl will walk by and she’s just a casualty of war.


Lately, I’ve been making soup for lunch because it allows me to make a big batch with ease. I just dump everything in a pot and let it sit on the stove top. I can make a case for it being healthy. Locally sourced pork side ribs, tomatoes and Chinese melon from my uncle’s garden and organic locally grown potatoes. Fit for a caveman. Make me big and strong.


This is about the opposite of healthy. I live by an Asian supermarket which caters to Asians and anyone cheap. They have hot food that consists of primarily only good tasting food for a cheap price. $6.50(no tax).  They stack on the noodles and rice because it makes you feel you are getting your monies worth. I think Chinese take-out is worse than McDonald’s but I haven’t done a controlled study. If I was a bum though, I would be buying this and splitting it into two meals. Everything Chinese people have done in Western society was to trick white people into giving us their money. Sweet and sour pork didn’t really exist outside of North America. I don’t even know what Egg Foo Yong is.


I bought a new microphone the other week. I’ve been talking shit and uploading it to youtube for no one to listen but it’s still fun. If you have no one to talk to, technology allows you to talk to yourself now and give you the small sense that someone might listen to your bullshit.


For those of you who live in a place with a small Chinese population, here is what you would see if that wasn’t the case. What you see here is soya sauce chicken, bbq duck and some kind of gross sausages. White people love this shit. We have you under controlled with MSG.


My cousin and I tested out a new venture of online roulette. Our strategy seemed so promising but obviously it can’t be that easy for someone to hand you over money for nothing. Some of the girls are sexy though. They are based out of Latvia and it’s live. Why go to the casino when you have one online? Another case of how the world is going completely online.


I guess that’s it or all I can think of. What’s been happening in your life?


17 comments on “Recent Happenings in My Life

  1. samlobos says:

    MSG ridden food is addicting. Basically, if you can’t get enough, it has MSG. Bless the Chinese.


  2. lisafab says:

    Were you drunk when you wrote this?!?!?! I’m betting you were….


  3. I shit you not, I opened my blog and this just popped open. It has never happened before, but I’m glad it did. It added to the watching of the Twilight saga


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