Following your Heart

It’s difficult to see how life will turn out well for you when you can’t fathom it happening in the conventional methods. That’s because the conventional way is closed minded and life does not always work on logic. When bad things happen to us we think of how those same experiences affected others who we have heard have gone through similar paths. Life is not rigid and never was. No one ever saw the internet coming even 10 years prior and none of us saw smartphones and self-driving cars coming.

You will never see how beautiful life is by following an ugly script. Following the script only brings you acceptance which is bland. The only positive you get from it is acceptance. Acceptance is security, a feeling away from fear but nothing else. Acceptance keeps you warm but also keeps you away from everything outside of your blanket.

The head wants you to live like a scared and selfish animal. The heart wants what the heart wants. It wants something different. It wants love in all ways.


4 comments on “Following your Heart

  1. samlobos says:

    That exactly. I have experienced so many unexpected deviations from “the script”. It is always difficult, but I’d like to think I’m the person I want to be because of it.


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