Friday Night Flossing

At 8:30pm I decided to floss and brush my teeth because I know there’s nothing going on. I don’t want to be in the position 2 hours from now when I’m laying in bed and too lazy to fight gingivitis. I bet you even the nerdiest of guys still have plans to eat potato chips and drink soda tonight. The truth is that I’m tired because I didn’t sleep sufficiently last night. If I had slept sufficiently, I still would have no plans but I would possibly entertain the idea of drinking alcohol…not at a bar or anything of course but at home…alone.

There are many who force themselves to stay up on a Friday night even if they are tired because going to bed early makes them feel like a loser and the purpose of life is to not feel like a loser. Perhaps I’m old or wise beyond my years but I prefer good quality sleep over videos that I can just watch tomorrow.

What are all of you doing tonight? If you’re reading this then you’re a loser.


6 comments on “Friday Night Flossing

  1. steffietopia says:

    or because it’s already Saturday on the other side of the world. Ps: I caught up with a friend to see some bands , they were bad, so we went home at 11pm ha ha. Also, I quite often pass out at like 9pm on a Fri or a Sat night, but i work weekends, so if I don’t want to have a terrible day at work, I go to bed early.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Ya, I thought about the different time zones. I guess you get a pass. Nothing like a bad unknown band to get you through the night. Sufficient sleep on a work night is really underrated especially in your 20’s. Looking back I would have felt like a real loser going to bed that early in my 20’s but most of the time I didn’t miss out on much.


  2. samlobos says:

    I was in bed most of last evening and night. Alone. Whomp,whomp. And tonight, Saturday, I will likely repeat this pattern. Am I still a loser if I’m reading this early Saturday morning because I can’t sleep?


  3. Mr.Johnson's Cousin says:

    I read the post last night but forgot to comment. Yes, I was at home ( as smart phones do allow for reading anywhere), so if someone was having a good time, I guess they probably wouldn’t bother reading it unless you’re doing something like playing poker with friends or something. Losers Anonymous anyone? Who’s in?


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