Work Related Tales

Lately, the weather has been hot but not my attitude at work. Delivering parcels can go suck a big fat one in this heat especially when I’d rather sit at some place with AC and eat ice cream.


When I drive by a grocery store, I’ll stop off there and just walk around the freezer section. If no one was around I would take the frozen organic beef patties and rub them all over myself.

Things have been going well on the dog front, meaning I’ve been getting ample opportunities to give out treats. The treats would get crushed in the bag they came in so being the genius I am I figured an Altoids tin would do the trick. Perfect 6-pack.

20150505_220609_resized 20150505_220526_resized

I wonder who would flush rags down the toilet. My guess is it’s a kid or a senile senior citizen.


I could help them by using a little bit of white paint or even some white-out would do the trick but then I wouldn’t be able to trespass and claim ignorance.


I want to park in a shaded area and call customers to come to me instead. I’ll have all my doors open with my shirt unbuttoned while sipping on a cold beverage. It will be like a store front on wheels with a disgruntled Asian working the counter.

I’m thankful that I get to go home for lunch and hang out in my underwear(no photo).


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