My Magic Mushroom Experience

Getting your hands on psychedelic mushrooms isn’t the easiest of tasks. It’s not one of those drugs that drug dealers prefer because of the non-addictiveness and infrequent usage. Psychedelic mushrooms grow naturally on every continent except Antarctica which leads me to believe that humans have been doing shrooms since the beginning.

My interest in magic mushrooms were due to their therapeutic and mind expanding possibilities. I’ve heard a lot of talk about them on radio and podcasts recently. Plus I like to get high.

My mind started scrolling through all the shadiest guys I knew but I figured my best bet would be to approach a young white guy who smokes marijuana. There’s one of these types I know of at my work so I took advantage of the situation when I found myself in the washroom with him. We were washing our hands beside each other when I decided to pop the question.

(in a soft voice) Hey. Can you get me some mushrooms?

He looked at me with caution and evaluated my danger level.


You know. The magical kind.

Bam. 1 for 1. I must have good instincts. He said he could and he eventually pulled through.


2.5 grams (I’m new at this)


I made tea out of mine but you can just eat it as is. Cut into small pieces and put into a teapot that uses a strainer. Steeped for 30 minutes (you probably don’t have to steep for this long).


I put a bit of honey. It tastes like mushrooms.

The Experience

Blown away! It was a positive experience throughout. To describe it simply…I went to another world…a world like Avatar or any 3D sci-fi movie. I kept seeing Indian patterns which kind of tells me that the Indian culture may have been heavily influenced by psychedelics. Also, I felt the need to do some sort of yoga.

Something like this. The patterns were just flowing on my skin and everywhere else I looked.

Something like this. The patterns were just flowing on my skin and everywhere else I looked.

During the trip, I thought about a couple people from my past and saw them in a whole new light. I realized the good they were trying to bring to my life, and how of course I just pissed it away. The good greatly outshined the dark clouds I had put up for years that continued a storm of negativity.

If I was living in a time when science didn’t really exist, I would have thought that a higher power had possessed me. I didn’t see God but I could have been tricked into believing there was one if I was naive enough. If I didn’t know better I would think I was dying and when you think you are going to die you will pray to God.

So I guess I will do it again. It’s like being transported to a whole new world to explore.


4 comments on “My Magic Mushroom Experience

  1. LoL.
    Nice inking bro, I liked this 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jatinder says:

    Have you read about salvia? I’ve never tried it however I read on internet it has some strong therapeutic benefits. However the trip is immensely intense and can be too much for the mind to handle. All of this in just 2-3 minutes of being hit and then you’re completely back to normal. I don’t have the testicular fortitude to try that though.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I haven’t read about it but I think I will now. I’ve seen some people on youtube on salvia and they look like they got the life sucked out of them. Ya, sounds intimidating.


      • Jatinder says:

        if you have time read some of the stories people experience from it. Seems like one goes into another dimension.

        google salvia experiences


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