while on mushrooms

I never really thought about why they call it a trip but now I get it.  I get it.

i’ve been everywhere in no time flat. Forget proofreading because nothing looks as it should. The moment i think i am in reality i am taken back. i feel like all those sci fi movies. Avatar.

i’m fucking helpless to this thing

but i get it. yoga, indian sculptures…love…religion.. someone bigger than yourself.. i am so restless yet so lazy at the same time… i cried so many tears..not sure if they are from laughter. i am helpless.

those indian tattoos..i see them.   …… they are flowing on my skin like snakes. poetry. …i get it…i think…

sanscript or whatever yo   call it…  the indian writing..

all past conceptions of definitions are gone

no judgment even towards lifeless objects which at one time was just nature.

realizing that i’m high,,,,submission..submission

in and out not like the burger



my hand is not mine

realizing and not that what is happening is insane it seems.

reality is based on trips from this world.

just realizing that i don’t know what’s happening.

i was inside a world that was great.  it’s too bad you couldn’t join.

no jealousy…   i am where it’s at.. right now..


2 comments on “while on mushrooms

  1. HappyApathy says:

    Everything is made of light. The light gets bent.

    Liked by 2 people

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