Beating the Monday Blues

What Monday signifies in many societies is the first day of the dreaded work week. To combat the dreadfulness I called in sick. Good thing I did because I feel like shit and it’s pounding rain outside. Raindrops are exploding when they meet the pavement which makes for a horrid day when your job is outside.

My manager probably suspects me of being full of shit given that probably no one wants to be doing my job today and the fact that I am getting paid 70% of my wage to sit at home in my underwear. I get paid sick days and I haven’t called in sick for well over a year which shows you what kind of responsible nerd I am. I feel guilt calling in sick just for the sake of not working and getting paid for it.

I drank way too much alcohol on Saturday night and I’m paying the price 2 days later. Combined with not eating and not drinking water, I really screwed myself. For the last two days I’ve been at that level where you tell yourself you are never going to drink again. I think I can at least keep a promise that I will never drink like that again.

At least I don’t have to work today though. Happy Monday.

Recent Happenings in My Life

The best place to look down at cleavages is by standing on the upper level of a mall. You intend to only view the cleavages of adults but sometimes an underage girl will walk by and she’s just a casualty of war.


Lately, I’ve been making soup for lunch because it allows me to make a big batch with ease. I just dump everything in a pot and let it sit on the stove top. I can make a case for it being healthy. Locally sourced pork side ribs, tomatoes and Chinese melon from my uncle’s garden and organic locally grown potatoes. Fit for a caveman. Make me big and strong.


This is about the opposite of healthy. I live by an Asian supermarket which caters to Asians and anyone cheap. They have hot food that consists of primarily only good tasting food for a cheap price. $6.50(no tax). ¬†They stack on the noodles and rice because it makes you feel you are getting your monies worth. I think Chinese take-out is worse than McDonald’s but I haven’t done a controlled study. If I was a bum though, I would be buying this and splitting it into two meals. Everything Chinese people have done in Western society was to trick white people into giving us their money. Sweet and sour pork didn’t really exist outside of North America. I don’t even know what Egg Foo Yong is.


I bought a new microphone the other week. I’ve been talking shit and uploading it to youtube for no one to listen but it’s still fun. If you have no one to talk to, technology allows you to talk to yourself now and give you the small sense that someone might listen to your bullshit.


For those of you who live in a place with a small Chinese population, here is what you would see if that wasn’t the case. What you see here is soya sauce chicken, bbq duck and some kind of gross sausages. White people love this shit. We have you under controlled with MSG.


My cousin and I tested out a new venture of online roulette. Our strategy seemed so promising but obviously it can’t be that easy for someone to hand you over money for nothing. Some of the girls are sexy though. They are based out of Latvia and it’s live. Why go to the casino when you have one online? Another case of how the world is going completely online.


I guess that’s it or all I can think of. What’s been happening in your life?

Following your Heart

It’s difficult to see how life will turn out well for you when you can’t fathom it happening in the conventional methods. That’s because the conventional way is closed minded and life does not always work on logic. When bad things happen to us we think of how those same experiences affected others who we have heard have gone through similar paths. Life is not rigid and never was. No one ever saw the internet coming even 10 years prior and none of us saw smartphones and self-driving cars coming.

You will never see how beautiful life is by following an ugly script. Following the script only brings you acceptance which is bland. The only positive you get from it is acceptance. Acceptance is security, a feeling away from fear but nothing else. Acceptance keeps you warm but also keeps you away from everything outside of your blanket.

The head wants you to live like a scared and selfish animal. The heart wants what the heart wants. It wants something different. It wants love in all ways.

You are Worth More than you Think

In this culture, our worth is dependent on what we do for a job and how well we fit into the stereotypical ‘good life.’ As soon as someone hears of where you are on the social ladder, you are either praised, accepted or written off. I was a victim to this myself. I know the rationale because I was plugged into it. Most of the time I was either accepted or written off. When I was written off I was upset and would rant about how stupid it was but I would do nothing. I accepted the idea that it was the way it was and I should feel bad about myself for not meeting the standard.

It’s sad because as humans we are the most important resource available and it’s our choice how we want to be used. To give into the idea that you are worth less because of some cultural idea is primitive thinking. If your worth is based on your money and your social status then you are a fucking loser. You do nothing for this world. Your importance is imaginary. It only seems real because everyone you surround yourself with tells you it is. If you give into this silly way of thinking then your life was a waste because you did nothing but play a role in a deceptive charade.

Everyone can have importance by helping somebody else. If your only objective in life is to help yourself and only the 1 or 2 people associated with you by a label then you really aren’t that special.

Coffee and Internet

I’m sitting at a Starbucks right now. Coffee shops seem to be places for loners who just want to get out of the house. They buy one coffee and sit there for 2 hours sucking up the wifi. It’s a place that allows you to be in a semi-social setting without having to be social.

Everyone is either on their laptops or smartphones, killing the ‘precious’ time they have on this earth with some sort of entertainment. That seems to be the way life is going. It’s more about being entertained and entertaining. Everyone has their role in the entertainment business. Everyone is either blogging, gaming, facebooking, tweeting, instagramming, text messaging or whatever new thing is out there that I’m not hip enough to keep up with. I’m sure it’s just the beginning.

Our ‘real life’ will one day be primarily online. There will not be enough decent paying jobs for everyone that the powers that be will have the option for the non-ambitious to live their life being occupied by technology. Our jobs will be to entertain each other online. The Matrix doesn’t sound so crazy no more.

I’m just being gloom and doom. Maybe this is actually a better existence. I don’t know. Whatever is going to happen, it’s going to be vastly different from what it is now.

People are Wuss-minded

A few months ago our head manager at work retired and his replacement was this guy who used to be a lower ranking manager at our station. When he was working at our station before, the majority of people, as well as myself, thought he was a dickhead. I mean, a real dickhead. When we heard the news that he was coming back we weren’t too thrilled. Continue reading

Defying Responsible

If you want to talk to the most normal people in the world, the place to go to is the bank. There’s no other place that will provide you with more people who look, speak and think like stiffs. If you want positive reinforcement for working and saving, the bank is like a place of worship for that realm of thinking. Continue reading