Attracting Readers to your Blog

You write a post, send it out there, hope that by chance someone will come across it, click on it, read it and hopefully leave you some kind of indication that they liked it or hated it (I feel just as accomplished when someone informs me of their disgust towards my content).

From my experience, the majority of readers that I’ve ever had, discovered my blog by seeing a comment I left on their blog or on somebody else’s. Someone finding your blog through one of the WordPress tags(life, opinion, thoughts, humor,etc) seems to be an ineffective way of attracting readers. Even if people do find your blog there, they don’t seem too compelled to leave their mark, probably because they don’t feel any connection with you.Β It’s similar to real life in that you will have a far better chance of meeting people if you go up and start talking to them instead of standing there and hoping they will come talk to you.

There’s those who don’t even respond to comments or only respond when they feel like it. I guess that’s up to you but again, just like in real life, people don’t like people who ignore them. Obviously, you want people to read your posts otherwise you wouldn’t be publishing your writing online, unless your main intention is to leave some kind of memoir.

There are people who will find your blog through WordPress tags but many of them will be the type who spend a great deal of time ‘liking’ and ‘following’ every post without even reading. It’s obvious who they are because you see their piece of shit gravatars on every blog post from every corner of the blogoshere even if it’s in a different language. I’m a dickhead sometimes and I’ll leave a comment on their blog accusing them of being a fake liker. One time I complemented this girl on how she was able to read my post after 2 seconds of me publishing it. Her response:

Ha. I usually read the blurb on my reader, like it (if I do) then open to read the rest πŸ™‚

Right. You ‘like’ it first and then read it. That’s like giving a restaurant a good review without tasting the food. My guess is that the name of the game is to become a famous blogger. Anything is possible these days when there are women out there who become wildly famous and successful for practically nothing. Oh my god, she sucked cock on grainy video. I want to follow every second of her life.Β 

The sad thing is that most of these types of people on WordPress don’t even respond to comments left on their page even though they spend all that ‘effort’ trying to get readers. They seem to just get off on their blog stats which are inflated by their BS likes and follows. Every time I see them liking my posts, I want to urinate all over their pretentious gravatars. But that’s just me.


14 comments on “Attracting Readers to your Blog

  1. My gravatar isn’t pretentious. And I’m not into golden showers. BUt the sentiment is faboo.


  2. Reblogged this on CELONA'S BLOG and commented:
    I found this very hilarious …plus I relate to the message passed.
    I thought I should share with the fam.


  3. I commiserate with you on this one. I’ve had this Japanese haiku-writer who keeps on turning up and liking my every entry — oft three seconds after I hit Publish (and we’re talking here about a 700 – 800 word post). I had occasionally longed to dive and crawl inside the computer screen monitor so I could kick his butt out of my blog. We can delete comments but how come there’s nothing we can do about the Likes?

    When I was new to blogging I thought it would be cool to have a large following and receive a lot of comments from just anyone out of nowhere. Scarcely did it register how lazy I could get when replying to comments not to mention my timidity over exposing my life issues across a number of audience.

    I’ve indeed seen several bloggers who had to turn tail and flee after fame had found them. What I got from that was sometimes we aren’t aware what we bargain for or are willing to put through in this blog world. I had been advised by a blog buddy before to write my memoir privately. I tried; no way, though, could it give me motivation to do it well and check my grammar or syntax. The solution came by way of taking steps to, at least, limit who I invariably lead to my blog.

    This post reminds me: I found you through (the now defunct) Doobster’s blog. πŸ™‚


    • I meant, I am glad to have found someone like you on Doobster(the great)’s blog. I’m simply reminiscing…
      You miss him as much as I do. I know you miss him, too. Don’t you dare deny it. πŸ˜€


      • MrJohnson says:

        Haha..I kind of started following him at the tail end of his blogging life. I liked that he posted every day and that it was a party in his comment section. I didn’t comment much and didn’t have much interaction with him so I don’t miss him that much.. πŸ™‚ I’ll tell you though, I’m going to get really nostalgic with you and all the others on here who I’ve chatted with when you all decide to stop coming around or if I end this thing.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      Sounds like you have a loyal follower. I haven’t had him come around these parts yet.

      In the beginning of my WordPress life, I was so excited to get a ‘like’ and I still would be if I wasn’t so suspicious of it being fake. It really doesn’t make sense that the ‘like’ and ‘follow’ buttons appear on the ‘reader.’ They should only be available when you click a person’s post. I guess WordPress encourages the extreme ‘liking’ practices.

      I don’t think I would be interested in responding to 10 or more comments every day. If that were the case I would just post less. You’re right in that popularity could easily change one’s outlook on blogging. I think we all kind of thought that we wanted a large following for our blog. It’s sort of a validation for our writing and personality.

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  4. marclevytoo says:

    sounds like you are describing a ponzi scheme.


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