Dumping Rice

When you’re Asian, you live your whole life eating white rice. You eat so much of it that you buy it by the 50 pound bags. Some will say that they love rice but how can you really love something that tastes like nothing. What they really mean is that they like rice when it’s soaked with sauce or mixed with meat.

I don’t know the origins of rice consumption but I would bet it has something to do with cost efficiency for the number of calories. Other than being a filler, white rice has not much else to offer besides type 2 diabetes. This is why I might be giving up this poverty grain for the more nutritionally dense russet potato.

Old habits die hard but to live in a developed country and still be eating white rice every day is like taking a bath with your siblings to save hot water. Thank goodness I’m an only child.

When I revert back to white rice it means I failed in life. What kind of a loser can’t even afford a russet potato lifestyle? I’m buying a sack of potatoes tomorrow. I can feel your envy through the blogosphere already.

Tonight’s dinner: Spare ribs, russet potatoes in a sauce comprised of vinegar, coriander spice and chili powder. I should add some cilantro so it doesn’t look like dog food.



12 comments on “Dumping Rice

  1. steffietopia says:

    From what I was told potatos are the white rice of the western world. That same person said brown rice is very nutritious! I bought a bag of brown rice last week 😉


  2. Mr. Johnson's Cousin says:

    I’m sure there are some people who would be envy of that dinner, but it would definitely be a meal fit for a King dog or one that may be muscle building. I’m consuming mostly red or black rice these days but russet potatoes sound a step up from any kind of coloured or Asian type of rice to me (can’t beat risotto) maybe it’s just the word russet, which I haven’t looked up even if it just meant plain.


  3. Pecora Nera says:

    I love rice and curry especially if it is spicy


  4. cctyker says:

    Mr. Johnson says, “white rice has not much else to offer besides type 2 diabetes.”
    I wonder how come the news never mentions all the Asians who develop type 2 diabetes? Rice is a staple of Orientals, right?
    Maybe they don’t because the high incidence of type 2 diabetes is caused by the fertilizers and growth enhancers now used, and not by the rice itself. News outlets fear powerful companies.
    Just a thought.


    • MrJohnson says:

      The type 2 diabetes line was a bit of a joke. It is true that Asians are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to people of European decent but I don’t know if it is because of white rice. White rice is definitely a staple in all of Asia.

      There’s also a theory that if generations of people experience significant famine they will have impaired glucose tolerance and this gets passed on to future generations. I don’t know if those fertilizers and hormones contribute to diabetes but I’m sure they do a bunch of things yet to be revealed.


  5. Cilantro is so delicious! I try to add it to anything. I like the healthy switch you’ve made. Best of luck to not “fail in life” 🙂


    • MrJohnson says:

      Cilantro in soup is especially good. I’ve been mindful of the food I intake for a few years now. I’m no food saint but I will never go back to my old ways of eating anything, anytime and any amount. I hated that bloated look.

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