When they try to Beat you Down

There’s plenty of people I come across who try to convince me that their life is worthy by giving me details of their recent adventures whether it be from the weekend or a vacation. At the end of it they are always trying to convince me that I should be doing the same thing. Them seeing you in awe or envy, strokes their ego and gives them validation. Showing a lack of interest makes them feel insecure which inspires them to go on the offense. I guess one could easily be disappointed with spending thousands of dollars on an experience and not receiving the applause that they hoped for.

I have engaged in activities in the past for the sake of fulfilling a cultural competency but it never brought any solace to my life. When I think about what truly gives me a sense of pride, it’s not the cultural milestones but instead the instances when I stood for what I believed and defied those who thought I would succumb to the cultural and psychological pressures. When you give into the weakness that the wicked hope for, you take the route of cowardness and that’s when they win and you lose.


3 comments on “When they try to Beat you Down

  1. cctyker says:

    Who’s they?

    I guess I’m too far out of modern reality to know who they are. Appreciate an answer.


    • MrJohnson says:

      They is everyone. Friends, family, coworkers, customers, some random person. The people who are always encouraging you to do what they do. The people who do the unjust action and bank on your forgiveness so that they can reap the benefits without the losses.


  2. cctyker says:

    Thanks for the reply.


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