Love/Hate Writing Challenge

Love and hate are 2 very strong words that are usually used in exaggeration. For the purpose of this post though, I’ll play along because I’m a crowd pleaser. This challenge was put forth on to me by Wanda. She is as much of a Wanda as I’m a Mr. Johnson meaning those are just our blog aliases.

I Hate…

1) A 9-5 job. I hate working them and I hate people who say they love theirs. To have to do the same thing at the same time for years can only be driven by momentum, fear and because you feel you have no choice. A life of dreading Monday and painstakingly waiting for Friday for most of your non-wrinkly life just doesn’t appeal to me.

2) Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase deficiency. It looks serious, doesn’t it? Not really but more so in the social sense. About 50% of East Asians have the inherent inability to metabolize acetaldehyde into a non-toxic substance which usually means when we drink alcohol our faces turn red and we get drunk faster. I can’t just have a beer whenever I want unless if I want to walk around with a red face. Acetaldehyde is carcinogenic and it’s highly recommended that people like me limit their alcohol intake to just a few drinks a week. I’m drinking wine as I write this.

3) Not liking marijuana. If you smoke weed you can make friends for life so easily. Most people who smoke weed like to get together with others who also do. It’s like going for coffee. As far as substances go, it’s fairly harmless.

4) Going out in hot weather. When a heat wave is looming, the local media will have a segment on ‘where to go to beat the heat.’ How about stay home with a fan pointed towards you?  Sure, the sun is out but why do people feel the need to go out if it’s going to be torturous? It’s like hanging out inside of an oven with the oven light on.

5) Biased stubborn thinking. To say you think a certain way towards a subject would imply that you’ve thought about it. Maybe you have but many times people don’t think past what makes them feel good. The truth isn’t always flattering. There’s an undying will for the self-preservation of one’s ego that facts and rationality can’t compete with.

6) The idea that if you don’t have a recognized disability means you’re on an equal playing field.

7) Haunting past situations. There are the things that I’ve done and the things that have been done to me. Either way I’m haunted by the method in which I handled them. I’m embarrassed about my past actions and disappointed at myself for letting people get the better of me.

8) Public school system. Let’s face it, most teachers are only there because they need a job. Just like most people, they want as little trouble as possible. They like well-behaved students who want to learn and shun the rest who don’t easily comply and try to convince them that they will be nothing in the future. The good students don’t need much help, it’s the others that do. To expect a 16 year old to act like an adult is absurd. Oh well, I guess it was really only meant to be a daycare anyway.

9) Ignorant people past the age of 50. If you’ve reached the age of 50 and you’re still a dumbfuck then you’re going to be a dumbfuck forever. You’re probably too invested in your way of thinking to ever change.

10) Political Correctness. I don’t think I should have to feel bad just because I called my straight male friend a ‘homo’ behind closed doors. You can do whatever you want with your dick and your boyfriend’s ass as long as I don’t have to watch.

I love…

1) Dogs. They’re happy to see you and they demand only a fraction of what a human wants from you. They’re the best prevention against home break-ins and they entertain you by licking their balls.

2) Slash. I’ve had an obsession with Slash since the late 90’s. I had the cassettes in the late 80’s but didn’t become a real fan until later. His guitar playing inspired me to learn guitar. When I felt I had not much in life, his riffs and solos gave me a reason to want to be alive.

Me  as Slash on Halloween

Me as Slash on Halloween

This post is taking a long time. I’m out of wine. Oh well, better than zoning out with TV shows. I feel the acetaldehyde accumulating.

3) Walking. For most of my adult life I would see having to walk as a failure. If you had to walk a good distance it meant you couldn’t afford a car or you failed in finding a good parking spot. My Spartan walks are enjoyable and healthy. It gives strength to that journey and destination cliche.

4) Thoughtfulness. Of course everyone loves thoughtfulness but when it comes your way when it’s not from obligation or convenience from the other person then it’s more meaningful. To have someone you see regularly think about you pales in comparison to someone who calls you out of nowhere wanting to help you improve your life.

5) Red wine. It will probably be my demise but the heart wants what the heart wants. It’s like a cat and mouse scenario of pouring a glass and waiting for it to bloom to its beautiful maturity. I think I just made myself sound like a statutory rapist.

6) Getting high. I know it’s frowned upon in most circles but I like getting high. There’s no real substitute for it. The brain wants what the brain wants. I know I can keep it at the recreational status because that’s what I’ve been doing for years. If you like the effects of alcohol or prescription drugs you’re no better than I am.

8) Podcasts. A podcast is really just a radio show that is uploaded to the internet. If you listen to a show on the radio and that same show is available on the internet then it all of a sudden becomes a podcast. Podcasts are usually a better version of radio shows. They can be uncensored and politically incorrect unlike most radio shows and you can listen to them whenever you want by streaming or downloading. Podcasts are radio shows without the bullshit. There’s a podcast out there for everyone. Check out iTunes.

9) Stand-up comedians. They are the only breed of celebrities that make a living on saying what people aren’t ‘allowed’ to say. Take them away and we will be a world with sticks up our asses.

10) This blog. I’ve had some hobbies in my life but I never effortlessly continued with them. Photography and guitar felt like a chore half the time. This blog has allowed me to creatively transfer my thoughts and move on from them. I believe it’s helped me grow intellectually. Plus I’ve met all you fine people who have shown me something I didn’t know existed within me. I used to think in order to write so that people would want to read, you had to be white. I’m not even joking. I thought exquisite vocabulary, impeccable grammar and confusing ideas were prerequisites for any chance of decent writing. I’ve come to the semi-conclusion that you just have to be entertaining and interesting.

I think I’m supposed to nominate people for this challenge but I don’t want to make people feel obligated to do so. But if you’ve read this and are interested then please do. Leave a pingback to me because I’d love to read your thoughts.

2 comments on “Love/Hate Writing Challenge

  1. Wanda says:

    I knew yours would be good! I’m glad you decided to participate. 🙂


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