Women and Diamonds

When I like to think about my pre-30 year old self of not being an idiot, that thought gets demolished when I think about the time when I bought a diamond ear stud. Can one be anymore pretentious? I rationalized the purchase by telling myself that diamonds will always have value so I couldn’t really lose. In the end, I ended up losing it.

My little rock was small cheese compared to what my friends bought for their wives. Everyone was spending $10,000 to $30,000 on diamond engagement rings for what is considered in our society a symbol of love. When you spend that much on something that doesn’t do anything, you either have money and/or you are stupid.

I don’t know where these stupid rules come from like the one where the cost of the engagement ring should be 3 months of your income. So if you make $40,000 a year you should buy a ring that costs $10,000? If your girlfriend expects this kind of behaviour you should dump her because she is selfish and obviously doesn’t operate on a rational mindset. If you’re a guy and you subscribe to this kind of thinking then you should punch yourself.

But of course, desperate times call for desperate measures. The fear of being alone or stigmatized makes a person give in to irrational ideas. It’s understandable but it doesn’t make you any less of a pussy.

A very funny clip from comedian Bill Burr.


11 comments on “Women and Diamonds

  1. Jami says:

    I didn’t want an engagement ring. Why spend money on that when we could pay for something like restoring our house? I find those sort of prices absurd. Strange tradition, as far as I am concerned.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      There’s some women out there who didn’t want an expensive engagement ring but the guy usually forces it upon her so he won’t feel like a loser. Why not spend it on restoring a house or almost anything else. I’m thinking the idea to some women is that if they can get a guy to spend $10,000 on something that makes no sense then it must mean he really wants her.

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  2. samlobos says:

    I agree. Diamonds are pretty, but unnecessary. It’s just a huge marketing ploy to get people to spend thousands of dollars on basically a refined piece of carbon. Fuck it, if you really NEED a diamond, go for a lab created one. They are half the price, don’t look any different than the blood diamonds, and are more socially responsible to purchase.


    • MrJohnson says:

      It’s become part of our culture like funerals and weddings that if you don’t participate then you have to worry about the social shame. Someone needs to start chopping fingers off for diamonds so it becomes understandable for a man to not buy them for a woman. “Ya, you know, I wanted to but with those finger choppers everywhere you can’t be wearing a diamond these days.”

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  3. Mr.Johnson's Cousin says:

    In a lot of cases women are already getting a slave for life, but I guess bragging to her friends about how much money her husband will spend on something for her ego based on societies hierarchy makes her feel special. A happy wife equals a happy life, is what a lot of men are brainwashed to believe. It’s okay to spend money on what makes you happy, as long as you live within your means, otherwise all hell may break loose when there’s not enough funds to support a certain lifestyle…. What? I said for better or worse?


  4. At a different angle, how about if we look at it as a measure of love for his woman on the man’s part. Yeah yeah, how impractical of me to even mention it. But what woman wouldn’t feel elated and valued knowing her man had been willing to shell out a huge sum to conform to a cherished romantic tradition.

    I haven’t been aware of the (3-months-income layout) requisite for a diamond ring. I don’t think the cost of the ring matters that much. Although there really are guys who get impulsive while under the spell of love. The diamond purchase is usually a once-in-a-lifetime thing; so why not?
    As they say, the relationship inevitably goes pfft — yet the diamond stays forever.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      I’m sure a woman feels some sense of worth and happiness from an overpriced diamond but more importantly she’s happy that she knows she’s got a sucker for life. Why does it have to be a diamond? Why can’t it be a handmade wooden clock made in the shape of a heart and at the strike of every hour it will say, “I love you.”

      If the guy has money then whatever but if he’s struggling then she has to pay him back with about 1000 home cooked dinners.

      If the relationship goes up in smoke, the diamond will be there forever to remind him how stupid he was 🙂

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      • Lol 😀 I may have to reply to this later when I get home from work. Thanks for the laugh. I had badly needed it while doing my job here.


      • The guy who’d feel stupid must have already fallen out of love. You’re aware it’s generally the women who lose more in love. The diamond could then serve as a, uhrm, nice consolation.

        I’ll be forever indebted to you, MrJohnson, for the smiley you managed to bestow in your reply to me above. I love it. he he…

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  5. nakedshade says:

    ha ha… this is funny. this remind me of our Malaysian prime minister’s wife who had a diamond ring cost RM24million, most probably a gift from her husband.


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