Transgender Washrooms

Since there is a rainbow logo on the WordPress site today, I feel inspired to write about a transgender issue. I think Vancouver is considered a progressive city and one of the issues around here is gender-neutral public washrooms for transgender people. In typical LGBT fashion, they have protested to have as many of these washrooms as possible in as many possible locations.

It’s a fairly common news story where some person talks about their less than pleasant experiences with identifying as a transgender person and the theme is how the rest of the world should be accommodating them. As much as I appreciate the issues that a transgender person faces, it’s difficult to justify all this attention when they make up such a small percentage of the population.

The LGBT population is estimated at around 5% in North America. My guess is that the LG makes up most of it and the B probably out numbers the T. Although they would probably have you believe that the number is much higher than 5%. So what is the percentage of transgenders? 1%? Probably less? That’s a real small population to be bending over backwards for. Let’s face it…the T’s had to band up with the LGB’s because their population is so insignificant.

I’m sure short men make up a larger population than the LGB and T population but do we get urinals and toilets catered to us? I’m 5’6″ and sometimes those public toilets are borderline too high for me to flat foot the ground. I want to straddle a urinal like all those average people. And what about the ‘little people?’ What do they do? I’ve never seen a urinal or toilet made for a midget. They have to piss in a bottle and then pour the piss down the sink. That’s only if they’re feeling nice about it. If I were a midget I’d piss in a bottle and then throw it against the wall in disgust. I guess they could ask someone to lift them up while they pee but how embarrassing is that? Do they have to bring a ladder everywhere they go in case they have to defecate?

If you have a dick then you go to the men’s washroom even if you’re wearing a dress. If you have an operation and get that dick changed to a vagina then you deserve to be able to go to the women’s washroom. If you just feel like a woman who is trapped inside a man’s body then I don’t know what to say. You’re like a slacker who wants something but doesn’t want to put in the work but feels entitlement because of our wussified world. If the dwarfs aren’t protesting then the transgenders should defecate in silence and be satisfied that their legs aren’t dangling from the toilet.


7 comments on “Transgender Washrooms

  1. steffietopia says:

    I totally think short people need to start protesting about bar stools being too high and concert venues not accommodating them properly so they can see the band while standing (cheaper tickets) and me as a tall person I find seats on trains super uncomfortable as they’re not high enough so I can rest my upper back properly and shelfs in super markets shouldn’t begin on the ground as my back gets sore from bending down so much all the time so I can see what’s on the bottom shelfs…so discriminating šŸ˜‰


  2. cctyker says:

    Obviously, the solution is simple. Tall people live in one area of the world, short people in another, people rich enough to have operations to change their sex organs live in some other place (say an oasis in a desert), people who tolerate others and their beliefs live in the US (and maybe Canada), ad infinitum.
    Can you imagine how peaceful the world would be? All the dissenting groups living apart from each other and never mingling.
    Oh, I almost forgot: All old people would live in Hawaii where it is warm and isolated from the crazy world they long since lost any understanding of. I’d love it there.


    • MrJohnson says:

      It would be an interesting scenario. I’m sure there would be internal warfare still. There is a place though in China made for the little people and they seem quite happy. Here is the trailer for the documentary if you’re interested. The full documentary is also on youtube. I liked it.


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