You’re Just Supposed to Know

Here in Canada and possibly in America, there’s a thing called Wing Wednesday and it’s not a day where you get to meet a bunch of Chinese guys. The deal is that chicken wings at pubs and other restaurants are discounted. Most likely the idea is that you come in for the cheaper wings but also order alcoholic beverages. If you just order water they will likely hate you for your alleged cheapness. No where does it ever state that you have to buy a drink but they expect you to know better.

I find that much of this North American culture revolves around putting the onus on the customer to know the unwritten rules. If you want people to buy a drink with an order of wings then you should just say so. You don’t go to a bar and not buy a drink. Really? Where does it say that? That’s your problem for trying to appear nicer than you really are.

When you order food at a restaurant, often they will try to up-sell you on gravy, bacon or some other add-ons. Would you like gravy with that? Of course I do. Is it free? No? Then why don’t you tell me the cost of gravy and I’ll tell you if I want it. Last time they upsold me on mushrooms with my pot roast dinner it costed me $4.50 extra and there definitely wasn’t anything psychedelic about them. Screw you and your 2 mushrooms cut up to look like many.

Of course there’s the whole tipping thing that only North America does. You don’t learn in school that you’re supposed to tip at least 15% at a restaurant. You’re just supposed to know this by some sort of word of mouth. If I’m supposed to tip 15% then why don’t you just add it to the menu price so no one ever has any chance of walking out a cheap asshole. Instead, we play this game of the server being nice and the patron is supposed to reward her for it. When the rest of the world doesn’t do what you do it means your system is retarded. If your country is the only developed country in the world that does not have universal health care it means your country is ran by assholes.

Payment by donation is the worst.

How much does it cost?

It’s by donation

So you’re trying to capitalize on the guilt factor of humans instead of taking responsibility for your own pricing. How about you give me price…I pay you.

Then there’s fundraisers where you’re supposed to participate in activities that cost money but no one really says you have to. Again, you’re supposed to know. I thought buying a ticket was all I had to do? Why don’t you just charge me for the 50/50 raffle tickets with the entrance fee if you expect me to buy raffle tickets?

I bet no undeveloped country pulls these moves on people. No poor person would take the chance that someone is just going to buy more when they don’t have to.


7 comments on “You’re Just Supposed to Know

  1. kalyrical says:

    Hate walking into deals, thinking I’ll pay X amount, only to have them tell us “special conditions”. I ran out of an oyster bar once when I realized their buck a shuck was only for people who bought a tiny glass of their $5/$6 drinks


  2. Mr.Johnson's Cousin says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more cous, and you know the company I work for always holds fundraisers like these.


  3. Wanda says:

    “Screw you and your 2 mushrooms cut up to look like many.” LMAO!

    Liked by 1 person

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