Everybody and Nobody is a Somebody

A big reason why some TV shows in the pre-internet era had millions of viewers was because of the options available to the viewing public at a given time slot and the availability of other media. All the ‘good shows’ were always on between 8 pm and 10 pm and there were only a few big TV networks to choose from. There were other channels available but most of them either sucked or were geared towards old people. Late night talk shows were kind of cheesy but there weren’t a lot of options at 11:30 pm.

I’m not sure if the pie is being cut up to smaller pieces or if the pie has just become bigger. Are we replacing more of the old types of media or are we spending more of our time consuming more media on top of what we used to? Are people skipping Conan O’Brien for YouTube or are they just watching clips of his show on the internet at a different date and time?

There’s a new type of entertainer out there and that’s you, me and millions of other no-namers who produce their own content in their bedroom wearing only their underwear. We might not be famous but we have a bit of that pie. There are many no-namers who are famous in their niches and are making a good living.

There’s this fairly new phenomenon that’s been going on that blew my mind. People are making a 6 digit income by live streaming themselves playing video games. They will have this amateur studio setup in their bedroom and people all over the world will donate money online to watch them play a certain video game. Why? Just because they are really good at that game and nerds get off on watching their skills. From what I’ve heard, being a likable person is a factor on how much money you earn since the gamer interacts with their fans by voice and text chat. It’s basically their own show that can also generate money from the number of views and subscribers, just like YouTube.

Of course, if you are an attractive gamer girl you can earn some serious money. You don’t have to be that good. You just need a decent face and a set of nice cans. You can also do side gigs in between games for donations such as jiggling your tits. Before the internet, there was a massive market of unlovable males who would ‘donate’ money for any type of interaction with a female but their only options were 1-900 numbers and prostitutes. With the internet they can be perverts of the lowest level without the discomfort of being judged.

If you’re curious about this whole gaming for dollars industry you can learn more about it on this Joe Rogan Podcast with a pro-gamer.


2 comments on “Everybody and Nobody is a Somebody

  1. The pre-internet era gave me no choice but to watch all those moronic American soap opera series of the 80’s that had Heather Locklear in them. **Shudders**

    This also reminds me of a post I wrote which had elder male bloggers reacting because it was spot on. <em"With the internet they can be perverts of the lowest level without the discomfort of being judged." Quite true. How could I not be aware as to its reality when my country has become a leading supplier for such sort of entertainment (you know which type I’m referring to).

    Every time you write for humor, you always manage to hit bull’s eye, MrJohnson. Delightful.


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