Flying for Freedom

They say sex and flying are what people will usually want to do when having a lucid dream. Sex is what a lot of people would want to do even when they are awake. It’s understandable in evolutionary terms since the strong desire for sex is how people have continued to exist. I suppose sex is no longer needed, now that we can use turkey basters to perpetuate the species. But before turkey basters and science, sex was the only way.

Flying on the other hand is something we could never do and still can’t for the most part. You can get on a plane or strap on a hang glider but what we all want to really do is fly like Superman. We want to fly through the skies at high speeds but also be able to maneuver like a mermaid in the sea.

So what is this deep yearning to fly in our dreams all about? What does it represent in real life? Perhaps a human’s desire to feel free is as strong as the desire for sex. To be free in the skies where gravity is not even a force that can reckon with you is complete freedom. To be able to tell people to screw off and then fly away is some next level shit.

Down on the ground where reality is, our main objective is to escape from a life that always seems to be trying to hold us down. We want to spread our wings and fly but the leashes that have either been forced on us or chosen by us only lets us get as high as the tree house then we have to come back down for dinner at 6 or we don’t get dessert.


10 comments on “Flying for Freedom

  1. B. J. Hollywood says:

    Based upon my experience with ‘freedom’, some desserts are ‘better’. Cheers, B. J.


  2. “To be able to tell people to screw off and then fly away is some next level shit.” I needed that laugh, I really enjoyed your post!


  3. Pecora Nera says:

    Now you have to give your interpretation on the walking around in the nude dreams


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