Salisbury Fake

Lately, I’ve been finding myself having cravings for hamburger steak with mashed potatoes topped with gravy and mushrooms. What stops me most of the time is the price that I have to pay compared to a meal at an Asian restaurant. Today I decided to give in. Hamburger steak is not very easy to find at restaurants so I figured Salisbury steak was the next best thing. There’s a place by here that serves it. It’s not a great restaurant and it’s not a shit restaurant. It’s like a family owned Denny’s type of place that’s been around for like 40 years. I think they made a lot of money before when people had more money and not many other choices of restaurants to go to.

I go, I sit down, order and it comes out. It looks good but after further inspection it appears that I have been served one of those frozen hamburger patties that you buy at the supermarket. It’s perfectly round with sharp edges, and the taste and texture is reminiscent of the burgers from those low class summer barbecues or those cheap company meetings on a $100 budget to feed 50 people. Salisbury steak isn’t even supposed to be perfectly round as far as the Google images tell me.

I try to convince myself that it’s homemade and not from the frozen section of Costco but the steak can only disguise itself behind the gravy for so long. I want to believe it’s real because I don’t want to feel ripped off. I was in that same state of denial when you buy a CD only to discover that there’s only 1 good song and 9 fillers that you desperately tried to justify as good songs. Back in my day, we had to buy our music and get ripped off.

J.H. Salisbury would be horrified and I’m sure he’s looking down or up, sending me a promise to make it up to me in the afterlife. He’s thinking that back in his day, people had pride behind their Salisbury steak especially if they charged $17 plus tax and tip. I’m disappointed and if I was rich or not so cheap, I would stick my finger down my throat to puke out the fakeness I just put in.


2 comments on “Salisbury Fake

  1. nakedshade says:

    In the city i live in (Kuching, Malaysia), western and japanese restaurants are expensive place to dine in. People used to say only the rich go to these places to eat. DELICIOUS or not, i think people here dont realy care because they just wan to feel the luxury to dine in expensive place, may b to impress their partners or friends.


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